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Australia Deserts


Australia - Deserts and Oceans

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Australia - Deserts and Oceans, By David Rowley, Vimeo.com, Video length: 03:48. READ MORE

Australia's 10 deserts

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Australia's 10 deserts, April 20, 2016, By Jared Richards, Australian Geographic, 'Everything you need to know about the 10 deserts that make up almost a fifth of Australia.' READ MORE

Interactive Map of the Deserts of the Australian Outback

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Interactive Map of the Deserts of the Australian Outback, Diamantina Touring Company, Scroll down to the bottom where you'll see an interactive map. Follow the directions to see where each deser READ MORE

Wild Camels Bothersome To Australia's Desert Ecosystem

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Wild Camels Bothersome To Australia's Desert Ecosystem, April 1, 2009, redorbit.com, Article with large photo. READ MORE

Australian Desert Facts

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Australian Desert Facts, Alice Springs Desert Park, Information on the Alice Springs Desert Park, READ MORE

Deserts of the Australian Outback

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Deserts of the Australian Outback, Diamantina Touring Company, Provides an overview of Australia's deserts and why they are what they are. It also provides information on each desert - Great Vic READ MORE

Australian Deserts

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Australian Deserts, Outback Australia Travel Guide, "Australian deserts: stunning landscapes, fascinating environments. No wonder the Outback is becoming increasingly popular with travelers. Here READ MORE
You might think that all of Australia is a desert, but the desert lies in the interior part of the country. It is not a dry, arid desert; it gets rain but it is sporadic. Australia has a lot of wildlife - the bilby, camels, lizards, bearded dragon, red kangaroo, and dingo are a few. Native plants include conifers, daisies, eucalpts, ferns, fins, hibiscus, and palms.
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