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Creating Food Chains and Food Webs


How to Create a Food Web Diagram

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How to Create a Food Web Diagram, By Judith Willson, eHow Contributor, Difficulty: Moderately Easy "A food web diagram shows the relationships between organisms in an ecosystem. In real life, foo READ MORE

Food Web for Freshwater Lakes

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Food Web for Freshwater Lakes, By Taylor Divico, eHow Contributor, Good article on freshwater food webs. READ MORE

How to Design a Food Web

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How to Design a Food Web By RachelDale, eHow Contributor Difficulty: Moderately Easy Step-by-step instructions on creating a food web. READ MORE

What Are the Different Trophic Levels of a Food Web?

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What Are the Different Trophic Levels of a Food Web?, By Molly Woodring, eHow Contributor, 'Since food webs can be quite complex, ecologists organize organisms into trophic levels depending on the READ MORE

How to Draw a Food Web

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How to Draw a Food Web, By Aksana Nikolai, eHow Contributor, Difficulty: Easy, "A food chain is a linear depiction of a path of food consumption. A food web is a more complex representation of th READ MORE

Draw a food chain with 4 trophic levels?

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Draw a food chain with 4 trophic levels? Yahoo Answers Visit the web site for the best answer chosen by viewers. READ MORE

Endangered Ecosystems: Build a Food Web

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Endangered Ecosystems: Build a Food Web, Scholastic.com, "This interactive activity will have you investigate some of the animals in the Mexican ecosystem." READ MORE

Build a Food Chain game

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Build a Food Chain game, Central Sierra Environmental Resource Center, After a review of food chains and food webs, you're ready to play the game. READ MORE

Sample Food Chains

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Sample Food Chains EnchantedLearning.com Food chain illustrations for grassland, pond, and ocean. READ MORE

Designing Food Webs

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Designing Food Webs Fairfax County Public Schools A food web is a series of interacting food chains. Food chains show the order in which animals consume food. Food chains and food webs are made READ MORE
Here are tips and ideas on creating food chains or food webs.
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