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Falcon Cam Reveals Raptor Attack Strategy

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Falcon Cam Reveals Raptor Attack Strategy, January 15, 2014, Reuters-Innovations Video Online, Science Daily, Video length: 01:19. READ MORE

The Balance Of Predators And Prey Comes Down To Math

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The Balance Of Predators And Prey Comes Down To Math, Newsy.com, Video length: 01:39. READ MORE

Food Web,

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Food Web, Harvard Forest Classroom Laboratory, Photos illustrating what ants eat and what eats them. READ MORE

5 New Species of 'Slavemaker' Ants Discovered

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5 New Species of 'Slavemaker' Ants Discovered, November 4, 2013, By Douglas Main, Staff Writer, LiveScience.com, Slavemaker ants raid other ant species' nests and steal their young. Visit the we READ MORE

Autotrophs and Heterotrophs

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Autotrophs and Heterotrophs, By Amruta Deshpande, Published: 5/4/2010, Buzzle.com, Good article that explains their differences and similarities. READ MORE

Energy Pyramid

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Energy Pyramid, By Abhijit Naik, Buzzle.com, This article explains what energy pyramids are and how they work. READ MORE

The Crucial Role of Predators: A New Perspective on Ecology

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The Crucial Role of Predators: A New Perspective on Ecology, September 15, 2011, By Caroline Fraser, Yale Environment 360, Article explains the vital role top predators play in ecosystems and th READ MORE

How the Loss of Predators Could Devastate the Earth's Ecosystems

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How the Loss of Predators Could Devastate the Earth's Ecosystems, Written by Lisa Hossler, Scribol Staff, "The loss of top predators is leading to a massive downward spiral in most of our ecosyst READ MORE

Food chains - Introduction

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Food chains - Introduction, BBC - KS3 Bitesize, This Revision Bite takes a look at the feeding relationships between living things. These can be shown in food chains and food webs. There's also an READ MORE

Are diatoms plants or animals?

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Are diatoms plants or animals?, YouAskAndy.com, Visit the website for the answer. READ MORE

What Are Saprophytes?

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What Are Saprophytes?, Written by C. Martin, WiseGeek.com, Find out what saprophytes are and why they are important parts of the food chain. READ MORE

9(n). Organic Decomposition and the Detritus Food Chain

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9(n). Organic Decomposition and the Detritus Food Chain, PhysicalGeography.net, The detritus food chain differs from the grazing food chain in several significant ways. Visit the website to learn READ MORE

How Acid Rain Affects a Food Web

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How Acid Rain Affects a Food Web, By Shelly McRae, eHow Contributor, "When rainfall is contaminated with pollutants, it becomes acid rain and has a negative impact on food webs." Visit the website READ MORE

How Does Energy Flow through a Food Chain?

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How Does Energy Flow through a Food Chain?, By David Chandler, eHow Contributor, Descriptions and examples of primary producers, primary consumers, secondary consumers, and decomposers. READ MORE

Trophic Level Energy Transfer Calculations

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Trophic Level Energy Transfer Calculations, By J. Debow, Delta College, This is for AP or college-level biology students. See if you can calculate the trophic level energy transfer in the problem READ MORE

Interactions of Life-Communities

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Interactions of Life-Communities, Submitted by Robby Saint, World of Teaching, A wonderful Powerpoint presentation that illustrates and explains the components of food chains and how they interac READ MORE

In Their Natural Habitats

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In Their Natural Habitats, Submitted by Hina Hashmi, World of Teaching, A Powerpoint presentation on how and why animals live in habitats that they are most suited for. READ MORE

Food Webs

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Food Webs, Submitted by Carolyn Kinne, World of Teaching, A Powerpoint presentation with good graphics and easy-to-understand information. READ MORE

Ecological Relationships

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Ecological Relationships, Submitted by Gillian Rorhwell, World of Teaching, A Powerpoint presentation on things you need to know about relationships in an ecosystem or habitat. READ MORE

What is the 10% rule when talking about energy transfer?

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What is the 10% rule when talking about energy transfer?, Yahoo! Answers, Visit the web site for the answer. READ MORE

Explain the food chain of ecosystem?

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Explain the food chain of ecosystem?, TheBigger.com, "Food Chain is the sequence of populations of an ecosystem which allows food and energy to go through it in a specified direction." Visit the w READ MORE

Explain the trophic levels of the ecosystem?

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Explain the trophic levels of the ecosystem?, TheBigger.com, Trophic levels "are defined as a step of food chains which are differentiated on the basis of their method to obtain the food." Visit t READ MORE

Environmental Biology Sequences - Ecosystems

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Environmental Biology Sequences - Ecosystems, Dave McShaffrey, Associate Professor of Biology and Environmental Science, Marietta College, Excellent resource!! "The main concepts we are trying t READ MORE

Kid's Corner - Food Chain Game

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Kid's Corner - Food Chain Game, Sheppard Software, You can review food chains before you start the game if you need to; just scroll down and click on the illustration labeled "Food Chain". If you READ MORE


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Competition, Golson Science Center, Read all about competition and how it keeps animal populations in check. It also shows what trees do to stay in the competition. READ MORE

The Ecosystem: The transfer of Energy in the Food Chain

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The Ecosystem: The transfer of Energy in the Food Chain, By the Open Door Team, Open Door Web Site, Text and illustrations showing what percentage of energy is passed down to lower levels in a fo READ MORE

Review of Food Chains and Trophic Pyramids

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Review of Food Chains and Trophic Pyramids, Biology Questions and Answers, A 24 question review, with answers. READ MORE

Predator Vs Prey

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Predator Vs Prey, By Karl Fabricius, Scribol Staff, Excellent photographs, with descriptions, of predators catching prey. READ MORE

The Flow of Energy: Primary Production to Higher Trophic Levels

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The Flow of Energy: Primary Production to Higher Trophic Levels, Professor George Kling, University of Michigan, This page discusses the flow of energy in ecosystems and primary productivity. READ MORE

Environmental Biology - Ecosystems

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Environmental Biology - Ecosystems, Marietta College Department of Biology and Environmental Science, "The main concepts we are trying to get across in this section concern how energy moves throug READ MORE

ALL ABOUT ENERGY - Energy Losses

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ALL ABOUT ENERGY - Energy Losses, Science Encyclopedia for Kids, JRank Science & Philosophy, Through text, photos, and illustrations, this page explains what food chains and food webs are. READ MORE


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Bacteria, MicrobeWorld.org, Great site! Discover its origins, what it looks like, where they're found and how they move and eat. READ MORE


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Dinoflagellates, January 14, 2010, MicrobeWorld.org, Explains what dinoflagellates are. READ MORE

Predator Facts

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Predator Facts, Dialogue for Kids, Idaho Public Television, Great site on explaining what predators are. Find out where they live, their role, hunting strategies, and the different kinds there ar READ MORE

D4K Dialogue for kids - Food Web Facts

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D4K Dialogue for kids - Food Web Facts, Idaho Public Television, Producers, primary consumers, secondary consumers, and the clean-up crew are all explained here through text and illustrations. Gre READ MORE

Birds of Prey Facts

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Birds of Prey Facts, Dialogue for Kids, Idaho Public Television, The characteristics that make raptors different than other birds include their hooked beak, sharp talons, legs and feet, excellent READ MORE

Energy: How Organisms Make a Living

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Energy: How Organisms Make a Living Mother-Earth.org This page explains the eight paths organisms take to make a living in an easily understood presentation. READ MORE

Food Webs and Food Chain

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Food Webs and Food Chain, ScienceBob.com, Part of a Q&A series, this page provides an explanation of food webs and food chain and an illustration of the two when you click on "Show Me Pictures." READ MORE

Mazes - What Do I Eat?

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Mazes - What Do I Eat?, By Sheri Amsel, ExploringNature.org, Learn what different animals eat while testing your skills navigating a maze. Have fun! You'll need to print these mazes out to work o READ MORE

Trophic Level: Definition from Answers.com

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Trophic Level: Definition from Answers.com, Scroll down to view an illustration and explanation of energy flow through an ecosystem. READ MORE

Food Web Definition from Answers.com

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Food Web Definition from Answers.com Scroll down to view a very detailed explanation of the food web concept. READ MORE

Food Chains and Food Webs "What's for Dinner?"

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Food Chains and Food Webs "What's for Dinner?", By Allison Cote, University of Vermont Elementary Education Program, An online challenge to help you understand food chains and food webs. READ MORE

How is energy transferred through a community of organisms?

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How is energy transferred through a community of organisms?, McGraw-Hill Education Group, Read the information on the left side of the page for instructions on how to play the interactive activity READ MORE

Do all plants do photosynthesis and use carbon dioxide?

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Do all plants do photosynthesis and use carbon dioxide?, Ask Dr. Galapagos, FTexploring.com, Scroll down the page for illustrations and an in-depth answer. READ MORE

Photosynthesis Lesson

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Photosynthesis Lesson, MySchoolhouse.com, Text and illustration explaining photosynthesis; includes interactive quiz. READ MORE

Photosynthesis - YouTube

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Photosynthesis, Posted by mediasemantics, YouTube.com, Video length: 02:41. READ MORE


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Photosynthesis, by Lisa Gardiner, Windows to the Universe, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR), Text and illustrations explaining photosynthesis. READ MORE

Newton's Apple Video Clip - Photosynthesis

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Newton's Apple Video Clip - Photosynthesis, An overview and video. READ MORE

Photosynthesis and energy in nature

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Photosynthesis and energy in nature, Flying Turtle Exploring, Wonderful website! Combination of text and illustrations. READ MORE

How to Draw a Food Web

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How to Draw a Food Web, By Aksana Nikolai, eHow Contributing Writer, Illustration and step-by-step instructions. READ MORE

Food Chain as an Example of a System

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Food Chain as an Example of a System, PhysicalGeography.net, An illustration and text explaining the amount of energy each trophic level receives in a food chain. READ MORE

Energy Through Our Lives Unit

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Energy Through Our Lives Unit, Section B. Energy Flow in Ecosystems, K-12 Energy Education Program (KEEP), Text and illustrations showing the flow of energy through ecosystems. READ MORE

Food Chain, Food Web and the Flow of Energy and Matter in Ecosystems

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Food Chain, Food Web and the Flow of Energy and Matter in Ecosystems, Biology-questions-and-answers.com, A review consisting of 24 questions and answers. READ MORE

What is the difference between a producer, a consumer, and a decomposer?

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What is the difference between a producer, a consumer, and a decomposer?, Yahoo! Answers, Visit the web page for the answer. READ MORE

Food Chain Interactive Movie

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Food Chain Interactive Movie, Featuring the work of Laura Allred, Kidsknowit Network, Learn about food chains and how they combine to form complex food pyramids. Click the "Play" button to begin. READ MORE


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Carnivores, BBC - Wildlife Finder, Has videos of carnivores; you may or may not be able to view the videos depending on your location. READ MORE

Scavengers (video, facts and news)

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Scavengers (video, facts and news), BBC - Wildlife Finder, Information and videos on scavengers. READ MORE

Ecosystem: Food Chains

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The Ecosystem: Food Chains, The Open Door Web Site, Wonderful website! A combination of text and photos. READ MORE


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Herbivores, The Open Door Web Site, "Herbivorous animals are adapted to eat vegetation." Page includes pictures and descriptions of various herbivores. READ MORE

How Animals Feed

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How Animals Feed, The Open Door Web Site, "The way an animal feeds mainly depends on its diet." This page includes photos and information on several carnivores. READ MORE

Carnivores, Herbivores and Omnivores

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The Carnivores, Herbivores and Omnivores, The Open Door Web Site, Pictures and descriptions of each group in the food chain. READ MORE

What is Decomposition?

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What is Decomposition?, Michigan Environmental Education Curriculum, Michigan Tech , Good easy-to-understand explanation of decomposition; there's also an animation, click to play. READ MORE


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Decomposer Wikipedia.org Good article on decomposers with a section on fungi; click on photo to enlarge. READ MORE

Lazear Science After School Program

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Lazear Science After School Program, The top section of this page discusses the energy flow through an ecosystem. There are several illustrations of food chains showing how energy flows from animal READ MORE

Why top predators matter: an in-depth look at new research

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Why top predators matter: an in-depth look at new research, Jeremy Hance, mongabay.com, February 02, 2010, Three recent studies reveal just how important top predators are to their ecosystems. V READ MORE

Snow Leopard Stalks Prey Video

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Snow Leopard Stalks Prey, Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom, Animal Planet, Video length: 02:03. READ MORE

Working on the Food Chain

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Working on the Food Chain, Math Science Nucleus, Excellent interactive site; learn who eats what in a food chain. READ MORE

Food Chains

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Food Chains BBC-KS2 Bitesize Where are you in the food chain? Find out if you're a predator or prey. READ MORE

How Animals Meet Their Needs

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How Animals Meet Their Needs Harcourt School Publishers Interactive game on how animals meet their needs. Read the instructions before you start the game. READ MORE

Food Chains

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Food Chains, Zephyrus Interactive Education, Great site!! READ MORE


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Scavenger Wikipedia.org Scavenging, or necrophagy, is a carnivorous feeding behaviour in which a predator consumes corpses or carrion that were not killed to be eaten by the predator or others o READ MORE


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autotroph Infoplease.com Encyclopedia article on autotrophs. READ MORE

Sample Food Chains

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Sample Food Chains EnchantedLearning.com Food chain illustrations for grassland, pond, and ocean. READ MORE

Energy in nature, energy in technology - FT Exploring

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Energy in nature, energy in technology, By David Watson, FT Exploring, Great site!! A combination of photos, text, and illustrations. READ MORE

What are Detrivores?

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What are Detrivores?, Written by Tricia Ellis-Christensen, Wisegeek.com, Text and photos. READ MORE

The Wildlife Web 1

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The Wildlife Web 1, New Hampshire Public Television, Wonderful website!! Check out all the links they provide. READ MORE

Decomposers and Scavengers

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Decomposers and Scavengers, New Hampshire Public Television, Explains the role of decomposers and scavengers. READ MORE

Autotroph, Wikipedia

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Autotroph, Wikipedia the free encyclopedia An autotroph [α] is an organism that produces complex organic compounds from simple inorganic molecules using energy from light (by photosynthesis) or READ MORE


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Autotrophs, Windows Team, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR), Regents of the University of Michigan, Images and text explaining autotrophs. READ MORE

SchoolTube - Food Webs and Food Chains Made Simple Video

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SchoolTube - Food Webs and Food Chains Made Simple, Created by West Vincent Elementary School, Video length: 04:11. READ MORE

Emerging Science Season 2 Episode 2 Part 1 Food Webs

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Emerging Science Season 2 Episode 2 Part 1 Food Webs, Vermont Public Television, Video length: 14.00. READ MORE


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Decomposers, NatureWorks, New Hampshire Public Television, A combination of text and images. READ MORE

Biosphere: Food Chains

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Biosphere: Food Chains, Geography4Kids.com, An introduction to food chains. READ MORE

Food Web

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Food Web, Scholastic.com, Your job on this page is to build a food web. Visit the web site to begin. READ MORE

Planetpals - The Food Chain

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Planetpals - The Food Chain, by Judith Gorgone, Planetpals.com, A combination of text and illustration; for younger students. READ MORE

Food Web and Food Chain

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Food Web and Food Chain Science Bob What is the difference between food chain and a food web? Visit the website to learn more. READ MORE

Too Green: Feeding Relationship

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Too Green: Feeding Relationship, Posted by Maria, ToGreen Blogspot, A combination of text and illustrations. READ MORE

Food Chains: EnchantedLearning.com

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Food Chains and Food Webs, EnchantedLearning.com, Provides text, illustrations, and worksheets. READ MORE

The Food Chain

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The Food Chain, Kidport Reference Library, Combination of text and photos. READ MORE

Who Eats What?

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Who Eats What?, Kidport Reference Library, All plants and animals need too to survive. Check out these pages to see what different specie eat. READ MORE

Web of Life

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Web of Life, KidsPlanet.org, Defenders of Wildlife, The Web of Life is a story told by a common garden spider. Use the navigation image at the top of every page to read the story. READ MORE

Food Chains & Food Webs

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Food Chains & Food Webs, Alan & Hui Meng, Parenting the Next Generation, Are you having problems understanding the difference between a carnivores, herbivore, and omnivore? This page may help you READ MORE

Photosynthesis, energy pyramids, phytoplankton and food chains

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Photosynthesis, energy pyramids, phytoplankton and food chains, David E. Watson, ftexploring.com, Wonderful website full of text and illustrations to help you learn the concepts. READ MORE

What's a Plant

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What's a Plant, Qualitative Reasoning Group, Northwestern University, A combination of text and images. READ MORE
A food chain shows how each living thing gets energy from food and passes that along to other specie. A food web includes several different food chains and shows how plants and animals are interconnected. Discover who the producers and consumers are in a food chain. What part does photosynthesis play in the food chain? Who are the decomposers in a food chain and what is their role?
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