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Great Salt Lake Food Web

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Great Salt Lake Food Web, Genetic Science Learning Center, University of Utah, Learn about the producers and consumers that make up the Great Salt Lake food web. Great illustrations!! READ MORE

Voracious invasive quagga mussels gobbling Great Lakes' food chain

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Voracious invasive quagga mussels gobbling Great Lakes' food chain, Oct. 2, 2011, BY TINA LAM, Detroit Free Press, Brief article and video. READ MORE

USFWS Freshwater Mussels of the Upper Mississippi River System

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USFWS Freshwater Mussels of the Upper Mississippi River System, Article with images; click to learn about a specific one. READ MORE

Small Freshwater Organisms

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Small Freshwater Organisms, Giorgio Carboni, December 2006, Fun Science Gallery, Pictures and descriptions of microscopic forms of life found in freshwater ecosystems. READ MORE

Salt Marsh Food Web

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Salt Marsh Food Web By Doug Wechsler Saltmarshlife.com Excellent illustration. "Follow the arrows from prey to predator." READ MORE

Hydrosphere: Freshwater

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Geography4Kids: Hydrosphere: Freshwater, Freshwater basics for younger students. READ MORE

Tennessee Aquarium Delta Swamp Food Web

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Tennessee Aquarium Delta Swamp Food Web, Excellent illustration, in PDF format. READ MORE

Lake Michigan's Food Web

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Lake Michigan's Food Web, School of Freshwater Science, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, A good illustration showing who eats what in Lake Michigan; in PDF format. READ MORE

Wetland Food Web

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Wetland Food Web, Adeliade and Mount Lofty Ranges, Government of South Australia, Click anywhere to enlarge or shrink illustration. READ MORE

Great Salt Lake Food Web

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Great Salt Lake Food Web, Genetic Science Learning Center, University of Utah, Great site! Learn how energy is transferred up the food pyramid and how the two food webs are linked in the lake; c READ MORE

Diagram of Pond Food Chain

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Diagram of Pond Food Chain, Student Technology Leadership Program, Jefferson County Public School and the University of Louisville, Visit the web site. READ MORE

Chesapeake Bay Food Web

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Chesapeake Bay Food Web, Chesapeake Bay Program, Text and illustration. READ MORE

Aquatic Communities

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Aquatic Communities, Image Credits: Clipart.com, New Hampshire Public Television, All kinds of information and photographs of freshwater communities. READ MORE

Emerging Science | Aquatic Food Webs Video

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Emerging Science | Aquatic Food Webs, Vermont Public Television, Video length: 26:44. Video compares two food webs - aquatic and terrestrial - in Vermont. READ MORE

Hamakua Marsh

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Hamakua Marsh Interactive activity. Click on any sub-topic to learn about it. READ MORE

Kids Do Ecology - Freshwater Biome

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Kids Do Ecology - Freshwater Biome. National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis, University of California, Santa Barbara, Text and photos on freshwater locations, plants, animals, and m READ MORE

South Florida Ecosystem History Project - Kids Corner

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South Florida Ecosystem History Project - Kids Corner, U.S. Geological Survey, Center for Coastal Geology, Photo gallery, trivia, and more for younger students. READ MORE

Biomesfirst - Freshwater Food Web

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Biomesfirst - Freshwater Food Web, Wikispaces.com, Visit the web site for the illustration. READ MORE

Freshwater Food Web - Figures and Table

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Freshwater Food Web - Figures and Table, Greenfacts.org, Visit the website for illustration. READ MORE

Food Web - Pond Activity

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Food Web - Pond Activity Hartcourt School Publishes Drag each picture to its place in the Pond Food Web. READ MORE
A food chain shows how each living thing gets energy from food and passes that along to other specie. A food web includes several different food chains and shows how plants and animals are interconnected. Freshwater food chains like ponds, lakes and streams consist of plant plankton, pond weeds, algae, snails, mussels, frogs, water spiders, insects, ducks and swans. It starts with plants and photosynthesis. Find out what is next in the food chain.
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