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Decline in herbivores population could lead to empty landscapes

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Decline in herbivores population could lead to empty landscapes, May 3, 2015, By Carrie Davis, The Silver Ink, According to a new study it is found that due to rapid decline in the population READ MORE

Grassland Ecosystem Food Chain

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Grassland Ecosystem Food Chainn By Taina Litwakn Science-art.com, "Description: Describes the relative numbers, population proportions, of primary elements of the food chain in grassland ecosyste READ MORE

Food Webs - Australian Grassland

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Food Webs - Australian Grassland Gould League Visit the web site for the activity. READ MORE

Grassland Explorer

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Grassland Explorer Canterbury Environmental Education Center Interactive; see how many minibeasts you can find by clicking on different places on the picture, or click on the minibeasts around the READ MORE

Sunny Meadows Food Chain Simulation

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Sunny Meadows Food Chain Simulation, CARET's Brainteasers & Puzzles, Visit the web site for the interactive game. READ MORE

Food Web - Meadow Activity

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Food Web - Meadow Activity, Hartcourt School Publishers, "Drag each picture to its place in the Meadow Food Web." READ MORE
A food chain shows how each living thing gets energy from food and passes that along to other specie. A food web includes several different food chains and shows how plants and animals are interconnected. Grassland biomes consist of mostly grass instead of trees or shrubs. Grasslands are called steppes or savannas in some regions. The grassland food chain varies according to the region and what it can support ranging from grasshoppers, coyotes, snakes, squirrels, fox, bison and antelopes.
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