Exploring Deserts

Exploring Deserts
TEAM C007160: Ping Yi Secondary School

You probably think of the desert as a huge area of sand under the scorching sun.

However, not all deserts are like that, since some are located in very cold regions of the planet. Not all deserts are made of sand, either-some are rocky, and others can be formed by salt or ice. But, all deserts do have one thing in common: they are regions that almost continuously suffer from drought, so little moisture that clouds do not formed-that is why the desert sky is almost clear and bright, which means that the ground is always exposed to the direct actiion of the Sun's rays.

The air's temperature can reach 100 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, and the surface temperature between day and night cause the rocks to break until they form fragments that are so small that the wind carries them away.

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