Marine Biome -
Marine Biome
By Rita Putatunda
Published: 1/5/2008

The marine biome is the largest biome on the earth, with a wide diversity of plants and animals. Read more about the marine biology of this unique and vast habitat.

Covering about 70 percent of the earth, the marine biome is the largest biome on the planet. It comprises of the Antarctic Ocean, the Arctic Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Pacific Ocean, plus smaller Bays and Gulfs. Also, the marine biome consists of 80 percent of all the earth’s habitats, making it the largest habitat on our planet. The 36,200 feet deep Mariana Trench, which is deeper than the height of Mt. Everest, is the deepest point of the marine biome. The marine biome can also be divided into oceans, estuaries, and coral reefs, with the oceans representing the most diverse and largest of ecosystems. The water of the oceans evaporates and turns into rain, which nourishes the land where it falls.

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