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Taiga Animals
Brynn Schaffner and Kenneth Robinson
Blue Planet Biomes

* American Black Bear
* Bald Eagle
* Bobcat
* Canadian Lynx
* Gray Wolf
* Grizzly Bear
* Long-Eared Owl
* Red Fox
* River Otter
* Snowshoe Rabbit
* Wolverine

American Black Bear
Genus: Ursus
Species: americanus
The American Black Bear, like most bears, lack the distinctive shoulder hump that the Grizzly Bear has. This bear can run up to 25 miles per hour, which is very quick for its 220-594 pound body. Their feet relate to humans, because they touch the ground in a "heel, toe, heel, toe, etc." pattern. They have rounded ears, a short stubby tail, and short claws that are useful in climbing trees. The American Black Bear is usually black but can have phases of brown, cinnamon, beige and even a bluish- white. The length of this bear's body is usually 5-6 feet from nose to tail and 32-38 inches from paw to the top of its shoulder. They live in most of North America.

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