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Mysterious 'Fairy Circles' in Africa: Explained

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Mysterious 'Fairy Circles' in Africa: Explained, Sept. 5, 2013, By Joseph Castro, LiveScience, Discovery News, "A new theory suggests that 'fairy circles' in Africa's Namib Desert are the result READ MORE

The Surreal Beauty of Namibia's Remote Landscapes

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The Surreal Beauty of Namibia's Remote Landscapes, Written by Reginafug, Scribol staff, "A place where wildlife has endless space to roam, where a visitor can take to the road and not see another READ MORE

Dead Vlei: Namibia's Graveyard of 900-Year-Old Tree Skeletons

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Dead Vlei: Namibia's Graveyard of 900-Year-Old Tree Skeletons, Written by Michele Collet, Scribol staff, Eight wonderful photographs, with descriptions. READ MORE

An African Success: In Namibia, The People and Wildlife Coexist

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An African Success: In Namibia, The People and Wildlife Coexist, May 12, 2011 Report, By Richard Conniff, Environment 360, Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, Article with three ph READ MORE

Namibia's Trailblazing Conservation Efforts

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Namibia's Trailblazing Conservation Efforts, Written by Michele Collet, Scribol staff, "The country of Namibia has made conservation one of its priorities in a harsh and unforgiving land. Incredi READ MORE

The Ghost Town Devoured by the Namibian Desert

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The Ghost Town Devoured by the Namibian Desert, Written by ToonHippie, Scribol staff, "Kolmanskop was once a booming diamond town in the center of the Namib desert - now it is a ghost town, slowl READ MORE

Something odd is happening with Namibia's weather

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Something odd is happening with Namibia's weather, September 14, 2011, Provided by National Science Foundation, Physorg.com, Visit the website for the article. READ MORE

Elephants in the Namib desert - Wild Africa - BBC

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Elephants in the Namib desert, Wild Africa Series, BBCEarth, February 19, 2010, Video length: 02:35. READ MORE

Great natural wonders - Namib Desert, Africa

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Great natural wonders - Namib Desert, Africa, By David Attenborough, BBC, Video length: 02:27. READ MORE

The Namib Desert Coast

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The Namib Desert Coast, Posted by OneStonedCrow, "An excellent 3-part video on Namibia's fragile desert coastal environment." READ MORE

Namib Desert: The Tallest Dunes

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Namib Desert: The Tallest Dunes, By Stefan Anitei, March 2008, Softpedia.com, Article describes the landscape and inhabitants of the Namib Desert. READ MORE

The Namib Desert (Desert Week)

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The Namib Desert (Desert Week), Posted by Alex Turnbull, Monday, 16th June 2008, Google Sightseeing, Numerous photos with descriptions. READ MORE

Water is More Precious Than Gold

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Water is More Precious Than Gold, Text and Photos by Karen Thimmeschi, Museum Magnet School, Science Museum of Minnesota, An online book provides a look at daily life in Namibia. READ MORE

Absolute Nambia - Namib Desert Photos

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Absolute Nambia - Namib Desert Photos, Photo Gallery of Frantisek Staud, Amazing photographs!! READ MORE

Clive Cowley's Journey into Namibia

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Clive Cowley's Journey into Namibia, Please visit the website for photos and information on the climate, wildlife, vegetation and people. READ MORE

Surviving the Namib

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Surviving the Namib, Jonothan Hughes, Nambia Travel Guide, Edited segments from a Bradt Travel Guide (Ed. 2). READ MORE

Weird fog in the Namib Desert - Dune - BBC Wildlife

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Weird fog in the Namib Desert - Dune, BBC Wildlife, Youtube.com, Video length: 02:05. READ MORE


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Welwitchsia 1000 yrs old, Andy Jones, pbase.com, Visit the web site for photo of the plant. READ MORE

The Living Edens "Namib" - 24 Hours in Namib

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The Living Edens "Namib" - 24 Hours in Namib, PBS Online, Interesting!! Find out what the animals that live in the Namib desert do at dawn, morning, afternoon, and night. READ MORE
The Namib Desert lies on the southwest coast of Africa on the Atlantic Coast; coastal winds have created the tallest sand dunes in the world. Find information and images on the vegetation and wildlife that exist in this hot, arid desert.
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