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Plants That Live in the Intertidal Zone

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Plants That Live in the Intertidal Zone GardenGuides.com No photos but good description of red mangroves, eelgrass, sea grape, and sea lettuce. READ MORE

Sea lettuce (Ulva lactua)

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Sea lettuce (Ulva lactua) Photo by Sue Scott Arkive.org Provides description of and information on sea lettuce, its habitat, distribution, and more. READ MORE

Plants, Algae, Plankton

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Plants, Algae, Plankton, Edmonds Discovery Program, City of Edmonds, Washington, Has photographs and information on phytoplankton, zooplankton, eelgrass, bull kemp, sea lettuce, seaweed, and seve READ MORE

Eelgrass Habitat

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Eelgrass Habitatc By Sonia Botos grade level: 7th thru 9th This webpage will familiarize students with the eelgrass habitat. Students will learn what eelgrass is, why it is important, and how READ MORE

Intertidal Marine Plants

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Intertidal Marine Plants Sea World No images, just names of plants. READ MORE

Seaweeds and Tidepools

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Seaweeds and Tidepools Stephen Sharnoff Photography Click on an image for a larger version. READ MORE

Botanical Beach

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Botanical Beach John Harvey Photo On the West coast of Vancouver Island, near Port Renfrew Botanical beach is about two hours north of Victoria on a twisting, winding road, with no gas stations READ MORE

Tidepools - Intertidal Marine Plants

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Tidepools - Intertidal Marine Plants Busch Gardens Seaworld.org Many marine plants, especially seaweeds, thrive in the harsh environment of the intertidal zones. FLOWERING PLANTS 1. Seagra READ MORE

Seagrasses and Seaweeds on Singapore Shores

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Seagrasses and Seaweeds on Singapore Shores Wild Fact Sheets Wild Singapore Intertidal and marine plants Please visit the website to learn more. READ MORE

The intertidal rocky shore identifying coralline algae and green seaweeds

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The intertidal rocky shore identifying coralline algae and green seaweeds Seafriends.org Coralline algae could well be the most amazing plants in the sea, as they are found from the shallowest READ MORE
Life in the intertidal zone is not easy but many marine plants to exist. Sea grasses and green, red and brown algae are predominant plants.
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