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Simpson Desert


Simpson Desert - Australia

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Simpson Desert - Australia, Australian 4x4 Tag Along Tours, Info on what you'll see on a tour. READ MORE

Simpson Desert - Central Australia

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Simpson Desert - Central Australia, By 17SouthFilm, YouTube.com, Video length: 02:49. READ MORE

The Simpson Desert By Foot

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The Simpson Desert By Foot By Geoffrey Phipps A map, photos, and "An account of an 18-day walk across the Simpson Desert on the French Line." READ MORE

Searching for the marsupial mole

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Searching for the marsupial mole By Kathy Riley, September 14,2010 Australian Geographic "An AG-sponsored expedition used hidden microphones and dug down below the Simpson Desert to find these READ MORE

Simpson Desert bursts with life

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Simpson Desert bursts with life BY: Quentin Chester APRIL-13-2010, Australian Geographic "Some of the heaviest rain in decades sees the Simpson seep into life and colour." READ MORE

Simpson Desert, Australia

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Simpson Desert, Australia Kidcyber.com Brief information, small photo, and links to other websites with more information. READ MORE
You might think that all of Australia is a desert, but the desert lies in the interior part of the country. It is not a dry, arid desert; it gets rain but it is sporadic. Australia has a lot of wildlife - the bilby, camels, lizards, bearded dragon, red kangaroo, and dingo are a few. Native plants include conifers, daisies, eucalpts, ferns, fins, hibiscus, and palms.
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