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Tropical Rainforests


How One African Village Learned To Live with Its Wildlife and Prosper

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How One African Village Learned To Live with Its Wildlife and Prosper, An E360 Video Contest Award Winner, By Denise Dragiewicz, Filmmaker, Video length: 17:30. The second runner-up in the Yal READ MORE

Pollution poses long-range danger to Borneo's forests

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Pollution poses long-range danger to Borneo's forests, April 1, 2015, By Alex Kirby, Climate News Network, Air quality in Borneo's rainforests is being affected by pollution from human activit READ MORE

In Imperiled Forests of Borneo, A Rich Tropical Eden Endures

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In Imperiled Forests of Borneo, A Rich Tropical Eden Endures, December 19, 2013, By William Laurance, research professor, Yale Environment 360, In Borneo's Danum Valley - one of the last, unt READ MORE

A New Leaf in the Rainforest: Longtime Villain Vows Reform

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A New Leaf in the Rainforest: Longtime Villain Vows Reform, March 10, 2014, By Rhett Butler, Yale Environment 360, Few companies have done as much damage to the world's tropical forests as Asi READ MORE

A Conservationist Sees Signs of Hope for World's Rainforests

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A Conservationist Sees Signs of Hope for World's Rainforests, October 30, 2014, By Rhett Butler, Yale Environment 360, After decades of sobering news, a prominent conservationist says he is fi READ MORE

Tropical forests may reduce global warming rate

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Tropical forests may reduce global warming rate, December 30, 2014, From: UCAR AtmosNews, A new study led by NASA and the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) shows that tropical for READ MORE

Ecosystems still feel the pain of ancient extinctions

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Ecosystems still feel the pain of ancient extinctions, August 11, 2013, by Michael Marshall, New Scientist, By wiping out massive plant-eaters like giant ground sloths, humans inadvertently depr READ MORE

Create A Tropical Rainforest Food Web

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Create A Tropical Rainforest Food Web Interactive Science Worksheets Copyright by Alan & Hui Meng Click and drag the animals and arrows to form a possible food web in a tropical rainforest. Arr READ MORE

Rain Forest Homework Help

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Rain Forest Homework Help K-12 educational and study resources on world-wide rain forests. READ MORE


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Rainforest Miss Plante's Class West Warwick Elementary School Rhode Island Location and Land There are four layers in the rainforest the emergent layer the canopy, understory and the forest f READ MORE

Tropical Rainforest Biome

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Tropical Rainforest Biome rainforest-path.com The concept of tropical Rainforest Biome can be understood by comparing it with the administrative divisions of a city or a country. A city is divi READ MORE

Jungle Video Clip

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Jungle Video Clip Newton's Apple Twin Cities Public Television Overview Words like "jungle" and "survival" mean one thing in cities and towns, but they mean something entirely different in the READ MORE

The Kayapo Nation: Protectors of the Amazon Video

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The Kayapo Nation: Protectors of the Amazon Video Conservation International YouTube.com Video length: 03:01 READ MORE

Rainforest: Mission: Biomes

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Rainforest: Mission: Biomes Earth Observatory NASA.gov Description There are two types of rainforests, tropical and temperate. Tropical rainforests are found closer to the equator where it is READ MORE

Tropical Rainforests

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Tropical Rainforests Windows to the Universe University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) Have you ever been to a rainforest? Rainforests have very different trees than the ones you mig READ MORE

Rainforest Climate

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Rainforest Climate Created by Elisabeth Benders-Hyde Content by West Tisbury Elementary School students © Brynn Schaffner and Kenneth Robinson Blueplanetbiomes.org In an average year in a READ MORE

Passport to the Rainforests

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Passport to the Rainforests RESEARCH/ers Meet researchers in the field and the multimedia production crew who use satellites and online connections to erase the miles between you and the rainfor READ MORE

KidsBiology.com - The Tropical Rain Forest Biome

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KidsBiology.com - The Tropical Rain Forest Biome Moving further south, we come upon an area which scientists call The Tropical Rain Forest Biome. This name comes from the fact that these forests re READ MORE


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Rainforests New Hampshire Public Television What Are Rainforests? There are two types of rainforests - temperate and tropical. Tropical and temperate rainforests have some things in common. Bot READ MORE

World Biomes

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World Biomes Explore forest, grassland, desert, and tundra biomes. Visit the web site for the activity. � Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company READ MORE

Rainforest Biomes

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Rainforest Biomes Blue Planet Biomes Tropical Rainforest The tropical rain forest is a forest of tall trees in a region of year-round warmth. An average of 50 to 260 inches (125 to 660 cm.) o READ MORE

Earth Floor: Biomes - Rainforest

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Earth Floor: Biomes - Rainforest, Wheeling Jesuit University, Are tropical rainforests hot? Are they moist? Find out the answer to those questions and more; use the menu on the right side to learn READ MORE
Rainforests are in wet tropical areas that receive from 50 to over 200 inches of rain a year. The rain forests have four distinct layers - emergent, upper canopy, understory and forest floor. The height of trees in each of those layers is distinctively different and quite interesting; from the top down, each layer affects and creates the environment for everything below it.
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