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Armadillos Continue Their Rapid Range Expansion

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Armadillos Continue Their Rapid Range Expansion, Written by ahoffman, Scribol staff, "The Nine-banded Armadillo has only been a North American resident for around a century and it still continues READ MORE

Migratory Birds of the Great Lakes

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Migratory Birds of the Great Lakes, University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute, An online guide of 20 migratory birds commonly seen in the Great Lakes Region. Click on any name for a photo or ill READ MORE

Whirling Animals

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Whirling Animals, BioMedia Associates, "Rotifers - They wheel, they deal, they show how small an animal can be." Click on an image to learn about that specie. READ MORE

A Drop of Life

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A Drop of Life, BioMedia Associates, What do you think you'd find in a drop of pond water? Check out this page and find out. READ MORE

Pond Life Video Gallery

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Pond Life Video Gallery, MicroscopyU, Digital movies of microscopic organisms taken from a pond. READ MORE

Pond Life Identification Kit

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Pond Life Identification Kit, Microscopy-UK, Arthropods, algae, worms, bacteria, rotifers, protozoa and others are listed; click on a name to learn more about the specie. Wonderful images!! READ MORE

Small Freshwater Organisms

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Small Freshwater Organisms, By Giorgio Carboni, December 2006, Fun Science Gallery, Pictures and descriptions of microscopic forms of life found in freshwater ecosystems. READ MORE

American Wigeon

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American Wigeon, Photo by Marie Read, Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Cornell University, Visit the website for photographs, description, and learn about its habitat, behavior, nesting, food habits, READ MORE


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Osprey, Photo by William L. Newton, Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Cornell University, Visit the website for photographs, description, and learn about its habitat, behavior, nesting, food habits, a READ MORE

Great Northern Loon

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Great Northern Loon, BBC Wildlife Finder, Photo, description, videos and information on its distribution and habitats. READ MORE

Pond Life Animal Printouts

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Pond Life Animal Printouts, Enchanted Learning, Click on an animal or plant name for a printout and information on its anatomy, reproduction, classification, and locomotion, if applicable. READ MORE

BBC Wildlife Finder - Lakes and Ponds

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BBC Wildlife Finder - Lakes and Ponds Photo, description, 12 videos, and information on its distribution and habitats. READ MORE

Pond Life

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Pond Life, by Michael W. Davidson, and The Florida State University, Click on a name for movie. READ MORE

Mic-UK: the smallest page on the web

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Mic-UK: the smallest page on the web, Microscopy-UK.org, Interactive activity on organisms you can find in a drop of water. Zoom in on the image and click on insect larvae, diatoms, bacteria, alga READ MORE

Pond Life

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Pond Life, Microbiologybytes.com, Videos on an amoebae, ciliates, flagellates, and rotifers that you would find in a drop of water. READ MORE

Life Cycle of Mosquito

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Life Cycle of the Mosquito, American Mosquito Control Association®, Mount Laurel, NJ, Text and illustration of the life cycle. READ MORE

Mosquito Larvae JPG

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Mosquito Larvae JPG, U.S. National Library of Medicine, Visit the web site for the image. READ MORE


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Anhinga, NatureWorks, New Hampshire Public Television, Image Credits: Clipart.com unless otherwise noted, Visit the website for photos and to learn about its characteristics, range, habitat, die READ MORE

EEK! Lake Wildlife

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Lake Wildlife EEK!, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Photos and text; for younger students. READ MORE


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Flagellate, Wikipedia.com, Text, images, and illustrations. READ MORE


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Zooplankton, MarineBio Society, Video length: 06:01. READ MORE


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Zooplankton, Enchanted Learning, Text and illustration for younger students. READ MORE

Freshwater Leech

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Freshwater Leech, Island Creek Elementary School, Fairfax County Public Schools, Photos and description of the freshwater leech, its feeding habits, predators, and movement. READ MORE

Crayfish Corner

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The Crayfish Corner, Mackers.com, Text and a gallery of photos on the crayfish appearance, behavior, and anatomy. READ MORE


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Crayfish, Wikipedia.com, Article is a combination of text and photographs. READ MORE

Pond Snail JPEG Image

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Pond Snail JPEG Image Visit the web site for the photo. READ MORE

All About Frogs For Kids and Teachers

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All About Frogs For Kids and Teachers, Kiddyhouse.com, "Illustrated guide tells what frogs are, where they live, what they eat, how they protect themselves, and why they are important." READ MORE

A Virtual Pond Dip

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A Virtual Pond Dip, By Wim van Egmond, Microscopy-UK, Interactive activity. READ MORE

Ponds & Lake Animals

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Ponds & Lake Animals, Missouri Botanical Gardens, For younger students. READ MORE

Great Blue Heron

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Great Blue Heron, By Robert Naumann, Animal Diversity Web, University of Michigan Museum of Zoology, Visit the website for photos (click for enlargement) and to learn about its habitat, lifespan READ MORE

Greater Yellowlegs

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Greater Yellowlegs, Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Cornell University, Visit the website for photographs, description, and learn about its habitat, behavior, nesting, food habits, and more. READ MORE

Exploring Pond Habitats

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Exploring Pond Habitats, Canterbury Environmental Education Centre, Explore the different habitats found within a pond and discover which animals live there. READ MORE
Lakes and ponds provide the right conditions for a lot aquatic animals. Dragonflies, snakes, bugs, snails, water bugs, beetles, along with bass, minnows, catfish, and turtles, to name a few. Discover more about this ecosystem by visiting these web sites.
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