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Polar Ecosystem

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Polar Ecosystem, Wild Tracks, All-text page that has a description of the antarctic and the adaptations that animals have that enable them to live in the tough environment. READ MORE

Trash Threatens Fragile Antarctic Environment

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Trash Threatens Fragile Antarctic Environment, February 12, 2013, By Mohi Kumar, Smithsonian Magazine Blog, "Decaying field huts, open pits of trash and oil-slicked beaches mar King George Islan READ MORE

Antarctica: The Coldest, Driest Continent on Earth

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Antarctica: The Coldest, Driest Continent on Earth, By Contributing Writer Scribol, Photographs, with descriptions! READ MORE

Antarctica Facts

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Antarctica Facts, By Hassam, Hub Pages, Information on its location, Antarctic Treaty, land disputes, population, transport, minerals, and animals. All of the topics have a brief paragraph or two READ MORE

Earth's Polar Regions

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Earth's Polar Regions, Windows to the Universe, Do you wonder what Earth's Polar Regions are like? You can find excellent information on the Arctic and Southern oceans here; use the menu on the le READ MORE

Antarctica Ice Collapses

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Antarctica Ice Collapses, Uploaded by tonyrebeiro, March 28, 2008, YouTube.com, Video length: 01:18. READ MORE

Ancient turtle bones reveal that Antarctica was once a rain forest

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Ancient turtle bones reveal that Antarctica was once a rain forest, io9.com, "These days, Antarctica is the coldest, driest place on Earth. What little life it harbors clings to the edges of the c READ MORE

Welcome to Deception Island

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Welcome to Deception Island, By Contributing Writer, Scribol, Photos and descriptions of the landscape of an Antarctica outcrop - Deception Island. READ MORE

Habitat Awareness Antarctica Page

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Habitat Awareness Antarctica Page, Inchinapinch.com, Photos, a movie, and more introduces younger students to the Antarctica. READ MORE

Dive and Discover: Antarctica: The Frozen Sea Introduction

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Dive and Discover: Antarctica: The Frozen Sea Introduction, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Get information on Antarctica's location & geography, exploration timeline, and its ecosystem. Has READ MORE

Discovering Antarctica

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Discovering Antarctica, Royal Geographical Society, Institute of British Geographers, British Antarctic Survey and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Amazing website!! Check it out for interac READ MORE

Antarctica | Land of Extremes | coldest place

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Antarctica | Land of Extremes | coldest place, ExtremeScience.com, "Antarctica is the land of extremes. It is the coldest, windiest, and highest continent anywhere on earth." Visit the website pho READ MORE

South Pole Live Camera

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South Pole Live Camera, Earth System Research Laboratory, Global Monitoring Division, NOAA.gov, View a time-lapse movie, live cam image, or images of past summer sessions. READ MORE

Antarctic Photo Library

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Antarctic Photo Library U.S. Antarctic Program Visit the web site for photos. READ MORE

What's it like in Antarctica?

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What's it like in Antarctica?, By Paul Ward, Coolantarctica.com, Visit the website to find out "What it is like in Antarctica, landscape, weather, animals and plants" READ MORE
The Antarctic is one of the coldest deserts on earth. There are plants and animals that inhabit the area; plants you might find include lichens, mosses, fungi, liverwort and algae. Sea life in the Antarctic includes seals, krill, and blue, fin, humpback, sperm and orca whales.
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