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Death Valley


10 Living Things Thriving in Death Valley

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10 Living Things Thriving in Death Valley, by Brian McMahon, August 20, 2012, MentalFloss.com, Who knew? Interesting article, with photos. READ MORE

The Mystery Behind the Sailing Stones of Death Valley

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The Mystery Behind the Sailing Stones of Death Valley, By Contributing Writer, Scribol, "Stones, some of which weigh 700lbs, strangely move across a flat, dry lake bed in Death Valley National Pa READ MORE

Death Valley Stones that Literally Move by Themselves [pics]

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Death Valley Stones that Literally Move by Themselves [pics], Written by Vlad Jecan, Scribol staff, "In the third part of our Natural Design series, Environmental Graffiti reporter Vlad Jecan exp READ MORE

Life in Death Valley

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Life in Death Valley, Nature, PBS.org "NATURE's Life in Death Valley takes viewers into the simmering cauldron of one of the world's most extreme environments." Great site!! READ MORE

Death Valley National Park

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Death Valley National Park Wikipedia.org An extensive article with plenty of maps and photographs. READ MORE

Death Valley Ecosystems & Natural Features

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Death Valley Ecosystems & Natural Features, Digital-desert.com, Photos by Walter Feller, Wonderful website with information on about anything you might be needing for a school project. READ MORE

Panoramas: Stovepipe Dunes, Death Valley NP, California

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Stovepipe Dunes, Death Valley NP, California, Image Credit: Andrew Rader Studios, Geography4Kids.com, Take a panoramic view of the dunes at Death Valley. READ MORE

Death Valley Pictures

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Death Valley Pictures By Rolf Hicker Hickerphoto.com Click on photo for a larger version and description. READ MORE

Death Valley Desert 2009

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Death Valley Desert 2009, By Kendall Helmstetter Gelner, Flickr.com, Pictures of Desert like landscape around Death Valley, from the Sigma Users Group trip 2009. Click on a thumbnail to enlarge. READ MORE

Death Valley

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Death Valley Wikipedia.org Death Valley is a desert located in the southwestern United States. It is the lowest, driest, and hottest location in North America.[1] Badwater, a basin located withi READ MORE

Titus Canyon Death Valley 4WD Expedition

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Titus Canyon Death Valley 4WD Expedition, DesertUSA.com, Video length: 03:03. READ MORE

Death Valley National Park Photo Gallery

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Death Valley National Park Photo Gallery, National Park Service, Department of the Interior, View images in a photo album or slideshow. READ MORE
Death Valley is one of several hot deserts in the United States. Many plants and wildlife have adapted to life in the hot, dry desert; discover how when you visit these resources.
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