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Fig Trees and Archaeology

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Fig Trees and Archaeology By K. Kris Hirst, ThoughtCo. Symbiosis and the Fig Tree Fig trees are symbiotic--that is to say, they can only survive to reproduce with the assistance of another crea READ MORE

Secrets Of Cooperation Between Trees And Fungi Revealed

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Secrets Of Cooperation Between Trees And Fungi Revealed March 6, 2008 Science Daily Plants gained their ancestral toehold on dry land with considerable help from their fungal friends. Now, mill READ MORE

Symbiotic Relationship Between an Orchid & a Tree

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Symbiotic Relationship Between an Orchid & a Tree GardenGuides.com Orchids can be easily divided by what they choose to anchor upon. Most orchids are epiphytes, meaning that they grow on another READ MORE

Symbiotic Relationship Between Spanish Moss & Trees

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Symbiotic Relationship Between Spanish Moss & Trees By John Brennan, eHow Contributor Spanish moss is a type of epiphyte, a plant that lives on another. Epiphytes are distinct from parasitic pla READ MORE

Eastern Screech Owl

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Eastern Screech Owl Penn State New Kensington Nature Trail Everything you want to know about the eastern screech owl; learn how it will live in a mutualistic symbiosis with a blind snake. READ MORE

Elemental Forest Fire Basics

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Forest Fire Basics By Steve Nix, ThoughtCo. Forest Fire and Nature Fire and forests go back to the prehistoric, they have been with with each other for millions of years. The temperate world's READ MORE

Symbiotic Relationships in the Rainforest

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Symbiotic Relationships in the Rainforest By Rhett Butler Mongabay.com Good article, with photographs. READ MORE

Leaf-cutter Ants

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Leaf-cutter Ants A relationship between leaf-cutter ants and fungus? Read about it here. READ MORE
Find out what forest species have beneficial relationships with other species.
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