Biomesfirst - Grasslands
Biomesfirst - Grasslands
By Kimberly P, Emily G, and Alex V.

Climate and Location
Grasslands occur naturally on all continents except for Antarctica. In North America, the grasslands are known as prairies. In South America they're known as pampas. In Eurasia, they're known as steppes, and in Africa, they're called savannas and veldts. There are two types of grasslands; tall grass, which are wet and humid grasslands, and short grass, which are dry with warmer summers and colder winters than the tall grass areas. In the winter, the temperatures of the grasslands can reach as low as -40°F, and as high as 70°F during the summer. Grasslands usually receive about 390 to 900 mm, or 15 to 36 inches, of rain each year. Grassland biomes are typically found near the middle latitudes toward the center of continents, as shown in the map below.

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