The Desert Ecosystem
The Desert Ecosystem

A desert ecosystem may seem devoid of life but even the most arid sand dune has a desert ecosystem unique to its location and climate. Even the sparsest dune has some form of life existing in its hostile environment.

A desert ecosystem must exist where there is little rainfall and the climate is extreme in harshness. With little precipitation a desert ecosystem will at first impression appear to be lifeless and barren. In reality this is rarely the case. The desert ecosystem supports life forms as varied as any ecosystem on earth.

In the sand desert ecosystem few large mammals might appear to subsist but the camel is one that we envisage as surviving this environment. Small rodents, rabbits, rats, moles and fox like creatures can be found in the desert ecosystem. Snakes, insects, burrowing creatures, ants, birds, beetles and lizards are regular inhabitants of the desert ecosystem.

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