Tundra Biome

Tundra Biome
Produced by Billy Price
Rapid Run Middle School Project

This biome, found far north and at the tops of mountains, is extremely cold; not even trees can grow there. A special charecteristic of the tundra is known as permafrost. Permafrost is the soil beneath the top, thawed layer. The permafrost is frozen year round. Because of the permafrost, the top layer of soil is always soggy, and lakes and ponds are always seen. Because the soil that is not frozen is only a few inches deep, only plants with shallow roots can live their.
Average Temperature in Summer- 53.6°F
Average Temperature in Winter- -14°F
Average Annual Rainfall- 12-20 in.

Like I said before, the soil is not deep enough to hold deeply rooted plants. Grasses, woody shurbs, sedges, and small bushes are common.

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