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Intertidal Zones

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Intertidal Zones, Student Project, Brookings School District, Nice photos and descriptions of the producers, consumers, and zones. READ MORE

What is the littoral zone?

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What is the littoral zone?, YouAskAndy.com, Several paragraphs explain what the littoral zone is. READ MORE

Intertidal Zone - Marine Life, Challenges and Conservation

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Intertidal Zone - Marine Life, Challenges and Conservation, By Jennifer Kennedy, ThoughtCo. Article with one photo. READ MORE

California Tidepools

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California Tidepools By Jenny Anderson Marine Science Distance Course Santa Barbara City College A combination photographs and information on the splash zone, high tide, mid tide and low tid READ MORE

Tidepool Ecology

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Tidepool Ecology, Laguna Ocean Foundation, Description of tide pool zones along with photos and descriptions of common intertidal organisms. READ MORE

A Virtual Visit to the Tidepools

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A Virtual Visit to the Tidepools, National Park Service, Numerous photos with descriptions. READ MORE

Visitors strip Pacific Grove's Great Tide Pool of precious marine life

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Visitors strip Pacific Grove's Great Tide Pool of precious marine life, CyberWest Magazine, An article on the importance of leaving marine life in their respective tide pools. READ MORE

Intertidal Biome

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Intertidal Biome, by Jonas Stenstrom, UntamedScience.com, Videos, photographs, and text on the intertidal zone. READ MORE


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Shores, NatureWorks, New Hampshire Public Television, Image Credits: Clipart.com unless otherwise noted, Visit the website for photos and to learn about intertidal zones, the specie that live in READ MORE

Virtual Rocky Shore

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Virtual Rocky Shore, Kscience.co.uk, Interactive activity; just follow the directions they provide. READ MORE

Tide Pool Images

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Tide Pool Images, By Bill Bouton, Flickr.com, Click on any picture to start then click on the arrows to view the slideshow. READ MORE

Activity Tide Pool Ocean Adventure

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Activity Tide Pool Ocean Adventure, Cullen's abc's, YouTube.com, Video length: 02:38. READ MORE

Intertidal Zone Marine Life, Challenges and Conservation

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Intertidal Zone Marine Life, Challenges and Conservation, By Jennifer Kennedy, ThoughtCo. Article with photo. READ MORE

Intertidal Animal Printouts

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Intertidal Animal Printouts, EnchantedLearning.com, Information and illustrations for younger students. READ MORE

Tidepool Window into the Sea

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Tidepool, Window into the Sea, Gulf of Maine Aquarium, All-text article. READ MORE

Intertidal rocky shore zoning

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Intertidal rocky shore zoning, By Dr J Floor Anthoni (2007), SeaFriends Organization, A large website chocked full of photographs with description; scroll down to view what they offer. READ MORE

World Builders: littoral beachtide-line

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World Builders: littoral beachtide-line, By Elizabeth Anne Viau, A combination of text and photos. READ MORE

Panoramas: Port Orford Sandy Intertidal

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Panoramas: Port Orford Sandy Intertidal, Geography4kids.com, Image Credit: Andrew Rader Studios, For younger students. READ MORE

Panoramas: Salt Creek, Rocky Intertidal

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Panoramas: Salt Creek, Rocky Intertidal, Geography4kids.com, Image Credit: Andrew Rader Studios, For younger students. READ MORE

Rocky Shores

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Rocky Shores, Photograph by Raymond Seed, The Biological Sciences, State University of New York at Stony Brook, Colorful photos with descriptions. READ MORE

Intertidal Zone

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Intertidal Zone, Thewildclassroom.com, Combination of text, images & videos. READ MORE
The intertidal area is where land and sea meet, between tide marks, along coastlines. The intertidal zone is exposed to air at low tide and submerged at high tide. The area consists of many different habitats including mudflats, sandy beaches, wetlands, or rocky cliffs. Organisms in this zone have adapted to harsh and extreme conditions in order to survive.
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