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Interesting Africa Facts - Kalahari Desert Facts

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Interesting Africa Facts - Kalahari Desert Facts, All-text page explaining the people, animals, and plants. The menu on the left provides access to facts covering many other topics. READ MORE

Kalahari Desert

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Kalahari Desert, KalahariDesert.net Read interesting facts about the desert and view photos and descriptions of vegetation that manages to survive in its environment. READ MORE

The San Bushmen (Basarwa): Kalahari Desert

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The San Bushmen (Basarwa): Kalahari Desert, By Anouk Zijlma, Africa Travel Guide, TripSavvy General information on the history and culture of the San bushmen. READ MORE

Bushmen at Kalahari Desert

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Bushmen at Kalahari Desert, YouTube.com, Video length: 03:37. READ MORE

The Kalahari Desert - Namibia

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The Kalahari Desert, The Cardboard Box Travel Shop, All-text article. READ MORE

Kalahari - Introduction | Nature

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Kalahari - Introduction | Nature, PBS.org, Wonderful presentation PBS. The Kalahari is a combination of a land thirsty for water and flooded desert. There are several videos and various specie tha READ MORE
The Kalahari desert occupies parts of Namibia, Botswana and Southern Africa. It receives more rain than most of the other deserts in Africa but is still considered arid. Animals are plentiful, however some specie exists only in specific areas of the desert; the main animals are the desert lion, springbok, gemsbok, eland and cheetah. There are not a lot of plant species in the Kalahari due to shifting sands. The main trees are the camel thorn and shepherd trees. Check out the web sites here and view pictures along with descriptions of the desert and its plants and animals.
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