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Chapter 25: The Nonliving Environment

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Chapter 25: The Nonliving Environment Glencoe Online Learning Center Interactive quiz on energy transfer, photosynthesis, and food chains. READ MORE

Wild Horses of Mongolia with Julia Roberts Race Across the Steppe!

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Wild Horses of Mongolia with Julia Roberts Race Across the Steppe! Nature PBS.org In Mongolia, horse racing is still a popular national pastime. Race across the steppe by demonstrating your su READ MORE

Voyage of the Lonely Turtle Turtle Voyager Game

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Voyage of the Lonely Turtle Turtle Voyager Game Nature PBS.org Can you help this ancient traveler on a 9,000-mile passage across this vast ocean to lay her eggs in Japan? READ MORE

Section 3 Self-Help Quiz

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Section 3 Self-Help Quiz McGraw-Hill Companies The quiz covers producers, consumers, photosynthesis, and more. It's interactive and has 10 questions. READ MORE

Energy Flow in Ecosystem flashcards

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Energy Flow in Ecosystem flashcards Created by cconley1 April 26, 2010 quizlet.com Learn the terms used in food chain; test yourself, or play games. READ MORE

Deserts of the United States Quiz

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Deserts of the United States Quiz SoftSchools.com The United States has many different deserts. Deserts are generally described as being hot during the day and cold at night. They usually recei READ MORE

Deserts of the World Quiz

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Deserts of the World Quiz SoftSchools.com Deserts cover about one fifth of the Earth's surface. A desert is an area in which rainfall is usually less than 250 mm per year and vegetation covers le READ MORE

Bison Jigsaw Puzzle

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Bison Jigsaw Puzzle Jigzone.com Timed 48 piece puzzle; you can change the cuts to fewer or more pieces, shuffle, or start over. READ MORE

Barrell Cactus Jigsaw Puzzle

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Barrell Cactus Jigsaw Puzzle Jigzone.com 48 piece timed puzzle; you can change the cut to fewer or more pieces, shuffle, or start over. READ MORE

Geography World - Ecosystems / Biomes

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Geography World - Ecosystems / Biomes Mr. Bowerman Quia.com Take this 20 question test. Click "Start Over" for new questions. There are a total of 34 questions. READ MORE

World Biomes

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World Biomes Purpose Games If you think you know where the different biomes are located, check this out. It will time you on how fast you can select the correct biome that is named at the top of t READ MORE

Food Chains and Webs Crossword Puzzle

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Food Chains and Webs Crossword Puzzle Created by Alan S.L. Wong Click on the link below for the web site. © March 2005 by Parenting the Next Generation READ MORE

The Great Graph Match

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The Great Graph Match NASA Earth Observatory Geo Grapher, a famous scientist, has misplaced her notes. Unfortunately, she was in the middle of a very important task. She was analyzing some tempe READ MORE

Aquatic Communities - Quiz

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Aquatic Communities - Quiz NatureWorks New Hampshire Public Television Visit the web site to test your marine communities knowledge. READ MORE

Athropolis Arctic Games

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Athropolis Arctic Games Athropolis.com Click on the game you want to play. READ MORE

Half a min - Ecosystem terms

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Half a min - Ecosystem terms Internet Geography This is an anagram quiz - you have 30 seconds to work out each anagram - can you do it before the time runs out? Visit the web site to get star READ MORE

Ecosystems Overview

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Ecosystems Overview Internet Geography This exercise helps you create a revision diagram - type your ideas into the boxes below. Visit the web site to get started. READ MORE

Internet Geography - Fling the Teacher

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Fling the Teacher Internet Geography 15 questions you have to answer correctly; if you do, you get to fling the teacher. Visit the web site for the game. READ MORE

Australian Grassland Food Web

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Australian Grassland Food Web Gould League Interactive food web. READ MORE

BBC Sea Life Challenge

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BBC Sea Life Challenge British Broadcasting Corporation Journey to the Deep Your challenge Embark on the Blue Planet challenge to understand habitats and animal adaptation. You can comple READ MORE

Food Webs - African Grasslands

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Food Webs - African Grasslands Gould League Place the animal in its correct category within the Food Web. READ MORE

Dunes and Mountains

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Dunes and Mountains JigZone.com Visit the web site to solve the 70 piece puzzle. READ MORE

Land Biomes Quiz

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Land Biomes Quiz Biomes are the world's major habitats. These habitats are identified by the vegetation and animals that populate them. The location of each biome is determined by the regional climat READ MORE
These games and activities help students learn about biomes. Interactive puzzles are fun, entertaining, and educational.
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