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North America Grassland & Prairies


Videos of prescribed burning for prairie management.

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Videos of prescribed burning for prairie management. By Doug Collicutt, Nature North, Article with 3 videos. According to the author 'I hope you'll take note of the care and preparations tha READ MORE

Without Biodiversity, Ecosystems Grow Unstable

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Without Biodiversity, Ecosystems Grow Unstable, April 26, 2015, By Nathan Collins, Pacific Standard, Discover the conditions that affect biodiversity in grasslands in this study. READ MORE

Biofuel rush is wiping out unique American grasslands

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Biofuel rush is wiping out unique American grasslands Feb. 18, 2013, by Andy Coghlan, New Scientist, All-text article. READ MORE

Temperate grassland

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Temperate grassland, Barrameda.com.ar, Photos and descriptions of temperate grasslands. READ MORE

Wolf Road Prairie Virtual Tour

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Wolf Road Prairie Virtual Tour, Save the Prairie Organization, Photographs and descriptions of plants and animals at the Wolf Road Prairie in Illinois. READ MORE

Interesting Facts About the Temperate Grassland

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Interesting Facts About the Temperate Grassland, By Tim Altork, eHow Contributor, Four photos with descriptions. READ MORE

Louisiana's Cajun Prairie: An Endangered Ecosystem

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Louisiana's Cajun Prairie: An Endangered Ecosystem, Story by Fred Kimmel, Scribd.com, Great article packed with photos and information. READ MORE

Everglades Communities: Sawgrass Prairie

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Everglades Communities: Sawgrass Prairie, Everglades Imagery, Just one page of a much larger website with photos and descriptions of areas, plants, and wildlife in the Everglades. READ MORE

Fort Riley Prescribed Burning

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Fort Riley Prescribed Burning, USAECupdate, May 23, 2008, Video length: 01:10. READ MORE

Prairie Quick Facts

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Prairie Quick Facts, By CampSilos, There are several classroom activities here; you can read about the plants, animals, and size of tall grass prairies in the U.S. READ MORE


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Switchgrass, Island Creek Elementary School, Fairfax County Public Schools, Wonderful page of photos, with descriptions, of switchgrass. Scroll down to learn about wildlife that use it for food o READ MORE

4th Grade Science - Life Science - Prairie Ecosystem

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4th Grade Science - Life Science - Prairie Ecosystem, Fremont Magnet Elementary School, Photos of grasslands, wildlife special features, and herbivores. READ MORE

Stroll into a Simpler Time : Chatfield

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Stroll into a Simpler Time : Chatfield, By Colleen Smith, Front Range Living, Colorado monthly online newsletter, Photos and text describing 750 acres of land containing prairies, wetlands, flor READ MORE

Rugged Beauty: Comanche Grasslands

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Rugged Beauty: Comanche Grasslands, Front Range Living, Colorado monthly online newsletter, All-text article. READ MORE


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Grasslands, West Wharwick Elementary School, Rhode Island, Photos and descriptions it locations and land, climate, plant and animal life, and more. READ MORE

Prairie Quick Facts

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Prairie Quick Facts, Silos & Smokestacks National Heritage Area, For younger students. READ MORE

Prairie Panoramas

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Prairie Panoramas, Fermilab.gov, Panoramas and closeups of the Fermilab prairie throughout the growing season. READ MORE

EEK! Wisconsin Prairies

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EEK! Wisconsin Prairies, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Click on the poster to learn about the plants and animals that live in Wisconsin's prairies. READ MORE

K4 Modules: Biomes, Grasslands

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K4 Modules: Biomes, Grasslands, Exploring the Environment, NASA Classroom of the Future, Wheeling Jesuit University, Maps and information on tropical and temperate grasslands. READ MORE

Tallgrass Prairie in Illinois

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Tallgrass Prairie in Illinois, By Ken Robertson, Illinois Natural History Survey, This mostly all-text website does have some wonderful close-up photos of prairie plants. READ MORE

Tall Grass Prairie Photo

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Tall Grass Prairie Photo, Center For Social Research, Parkland College, Visit the web site for the photo; click the photo for a closeer look at that area. READ MORE

What's It Like Where You Live? - Grasslands

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What's It Like Where You Live? - Grasslands, Missouri Botanical Garden, For younger students. READ MORE

The Grassland Biome

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The Grassland Biome, KidsBiology.com, Combination of photos and text. READ MORE

Biomes Movie - The KidsKnowIt Network

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Biomes Movie, An interactive learning movie by the KidsKnowIt Network. READ MORE
In the United States, grasslands are also known as prairies and can either be short-grass prairies or tall-grass prairies; the amount of rain is the determining factor. Prairies get enough moisture to support hundreds of animal, bird and plant species.
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