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Too much nitrogen reduces Alpine plant diversity

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Too much nitrogen reduces Alpine plant diversity, April 15, 2015, By Tim Radford, Climate News Network, Carbon dioxide isn't the only greenhouse gas to change the world. Swiss scientists have READ MORE

Flora of the Tundra - Part II

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Flora of the Tundra - Part II Uploaded by enviromatt2009 on Mar 4, 2009 YouTube.com Video length: 06:34 minutes. READ MORE


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Bearberry Elisabeth Benders-Hyde West Tisbury Elementary School Students BluePlanetBiomes.com Bearberry is commonly found in dry, non-nutrient soils such as sand, soils on rock outcrops an READ MORE

Tundra Plant Life

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Tundra Plant Life West Warwick Public Schools The Tundra has a lot of plant life within this biome. Some common plants include the bearberry, arctic moss, Caribou moss, Diamond leaf willow, Labr READ MORE

Dryas octopetala

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Dryas octopetala Wikipedia.org Dryas octopetala (common names include mountain avens, white dryas, and white dryad) is an arctic-alpine flowering plant in the family Rosaceae. I Visit the web READ MORE

Mountain Dryad (Dryas octopetala hookeriana)

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Mountain Dryad (Dryas octopetala hookeriana) Uploaded on March 20, 2009 by danielle_philli Flickr.com A clear, sharp photo of a plant that grows in the alpine tundra. READ MORE

High Elevation Plants

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High Elevation Plants By ENOW2008 YouTube.com January 29, 2009 Video length: 01:02. READ MORE

Lichens and Wildlife

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Lichens and Wildlife by Stephen Sharnoff and Roger Rosentreter Lichen.com Mary banged hard at the base of the tree to alert the flying squirrel before she began climbing, but the squirrel didn' READ MORE

Southwest Colorado Wildflowers - Silene acaulis (Moss Campion)

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Silene acaulis (Moss Campion) Southwest Colorado Wildflowers Silene acaulis (Moss Campion) Caryophyllaceae (Pink Family) Alpine. Tundra. Summer. Madden Peak, June 23, 2004. Moss Campi READ MORE

Moss Campion

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Moss Campion Created by Elisabeth Benders-Hyde Content by West Tisbury Elementary School students © Brynn Schaffner and Kenneth Robinson Blueplanetbiomes.org Genus: Silene Species: ac READ MORE

Great Basin National Park - Bristlecone Pines

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Great Basin National Park - Bristlecone Pines National Park Service Department of the Interior Great Basin Bristlecone pines (Pinus longaeva) are remarkable for their great age and their abilit READ MORE

NOVA Online: Methuselah Tree

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NOVA Online: Methuselah Tree PBS.org NOVA news minutes - video clip Welcome to the companion Web site to "Methuselah Tree," originally broadcast on December 11, 2001. Marked by striking image READ MORE

Luxuriant Beargrass

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Luxuriant Beargrass The Lewis and Clark Fort Mandan Foundation, Washburn, North Dakota There is a great abundance of a speceis of bear-grass which grows on every part of these mountains," wrot READ MORE

What is Bear Grass?

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What is Bear Grass? Written by S.E. Smith WiseGeek.com Bear grass is a flowering perennial plant in the lily family. It can be found in many parts of North America, usually in the subalpine zo READ MORE

CalPhotos Blue Alpine Phacelia

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CalPhotos Blue Alpine Phacelia � 1999 California Academy of Sciences Visit the web site for the photo. READ MORE

What's It Like Where You Live? Tundra Plants

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What's It Like Where You Live? Tundra Plants Missouri Botanical Garden During the short-growing season in the summer, the tundra blooms with a variety of low-growing plants. So what plant life is READ MORE
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