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10 Amazingly Beautiful Cactus Flowers

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10 Amazingly Beautiful Cactus Flowers, By Contributing Writer Scribol, Amazing photos, with descriptions, of flowering cactus worldwide. READ MORE

Adaptations of Desert Plants

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Adaptations of Desert Plants, McGraw-Hill School, Grade 3, Animation of adaptations desert plants have to protect them from animals and collect water followed by an interactive quiz. READ MORE

Plant Adaptations

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Plant Adaptations, Missouri Botanical Gardens, Click on the different biomes or areas to learn about them and some of the adaptations plants have to live there. READ MORE

How Plants Cope with the Desert Climate

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How Plants Cope with the Desert Climate, Mark A. Dimmitt, Director of Natural History, Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, "Desert plants have developed three main adaptive strategies: succulence, dro READ MORE

Saguaro Cactus

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Saguaro Cactus, DesertUSA.com, Provides several pictures and description of the cactus and its habitat. READ MORE

Giant Saguaro Cactus

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Giant Saguaro Cactus, Discover Southeast Arizona, Saguaros grow slow but they can grow for 100 years and live for 200 years. Learn more interesting facts and view several excellent photos of the c READ MORE

Desert - A Set on Flickr

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Desert - A Set on Flickr, Uploaded by Planeta, Click on a photo to enlarge. READ MORE

Plants and Animals of the Sonoran Desert

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Plants and Animals of the Sonoran Desert, Webschool.org.uk, A Project involving North Chadderton School in the U.K. and two schools in Phoenix, Arizona. Use the pull-down menu to select a plant or READ MORE

Cactus Gallery

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Cactus Gallery, Biology Department, University of Edinburgh, Click on an image for more images and description. READ MORE

Nature Study in the Sonoran Desert

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Nature Study in the Sonoran Desert, By Michael J. Plagens, Arizonensis.org, A Guide to the Flora and Fauna, Arizona, USA & Sonora, Mexico. Click on a plant or animal name for description and imag READ MORE

Flowers VG - Desert Plants

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Flowers VG - Desert Plants Picture of desert cactus plants; click on an image for more views. READ MORE

Arizona Sonora Desert Digital Library

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Arizona Sonora Desert Digital Library, Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, The Library has a collection of images for 6626 species. Click on a plant name for more photos and information. READ MORE

Chihuahuan Desert Plant List

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Chihuahuan Desert Plant List, Centennial Museum & Chihuahuan Desert Gardens Natural and Cultural History, University of Texas, El Paso, Click on plant name for images and descriptions. READ MORE

Barrel Cactus

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Barrel Cactus, DesertUSA.com, Article with photos. READ MORE

Fall-Blooming Plants of the East Mojave

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Fall-Blooming Plants of the East Mojave,k Copyright 2003-2004 Michael L. Charters, Sierra Madre, CA, Visit the web site for close-up photos. READ MORE

Desert Indian Paintbrush

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Desert Indian Paintbrush By Michael L. Charters,, Sierra Madre, CA, Description of the plant and three large photos. READ MORE


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Ocotillo, DesertUSA.com, Information on its range, habitat, and flowers; also has several close-up photos. READ MORE

Soaptree Yucca

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Soaptree Yucca, DesertUSA.com, Information on its range, habitat, and flowers; has two small photos. READ MORE

Fishhook cactus

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Fishhook cactus, Copyright @ 2001-8 by Jay Sullivan, Visit the web site to see the photo. READ MORE

Fish-Hook Cactus

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Fish-Hook Cactus, by Lorena Babcock Moore, Mineralarts.com, Several close-up photos of the fish-hook. READ MORE

Hedgehog or Claret Cup Cactus

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Hedgehog or Claret Cup Cactus, DesertUSA.com, Two nice photos and description of the plant. READ MORE

Creosote Image

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Creosote Image Wordpress.com Visit the web site to see the photo. READ MORE

Creosote Bush

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Creosote Bush, DesertUSA.com, Description and photos of the plant plus information on its range, habitat, flowers and fruit. READ MORE

Honey mesquite

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Honey mesquite, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, University of Texas at Austin, Photograph and description. READ MORE

Mexican Hat

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Mexican Hat, GardensAblaze.com, Photos and description; click on the second one down for a larger close-up view. READ MORE

Mother of Thousands (Mexican Hat Plant)

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Mother of Thousands (Mexican Hat Plant) Flickr.com Visit the web site for photo. READ MORE

Prickly Pear Cactus Movie

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Prickly Pear Cactus Movie DesertUSA.com Video Length: 02:27. READ MORE

Prickly Pear Cactus

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Prickly Pear Cactus, DesertUSA.com, Several good photos and plant information. READ MORE

Creosote Bush

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Creosote Bush, American Southwest, Visit the web site to see photo. READ MORE

Chain Fruit Cholla Jumping Cholla

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Chain Fruit Cholla Jumping Cholla, ArizonaIs.org, Several good photos and information on its structure and range. READ MORE

Chain Fruit Cholla

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Chain Fruit Cholla CalPhotos University of California, Berkeley Visit the web site for photos. READ MORE

Chain Fruit Cholla Cactus

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Chain Fruit Cholla Cactus, arizona webworks, Several photo and description of the plant's fruit, flowers, and structure. READ MORE

Brittlebush - Encilia farinosa

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Brittlebush - Encilia farinosa, DesertUSA.com, Has a photo and provides information on its range, flowers, and habitat. READ MORE

Death Valley Area Plants

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Death Valley Area Plants, Click on plant name for image and description. READ MORE

Mohave Desert Plants Video

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Mohave Desert Plants, By Mark Allen Channel, Video length: 01:47. READ MORE

Desert Plant Videos

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Desert Plant Videos DesertUSA.com Movies are available on plants or wildflowers. READ MORE
The Chihuahuan Desert has plants like the Fishhook Cactus, Honey Mesquite, or Prickly Bear Cactus. The Mohave has many plant specie not found in the other adjoining deserts; the Mohave Yucca, Creosote Bush, Big Sagebrush, and Blackbush are common. The Sonoran Desert is the hottest of the four but moisture from the Pacific coast provides rain for plants and shrubs. Plants include the Barrel Cactus, Brittlebush, Octollo, Beaked Yucca, and Soaptree Yucca.
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