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Sea Caves


Bahamas Caves

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Bahamas Caves, By Andrew Todhunter, Photograph by Wes C. Skiles, National Geographic, "Scientists are diving into the deadly blue holes of the Bahamas, seeking insights into Earth's past and its READ MORE

Sea Lion Caves, Oregon - July 19, 2004

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Sea Lion Caves, Oregon - July 19, 2004 Awesome photographs; click to enlarge. All images are copyright James D. Teresco unless otherwise specified. READ MORE

Apostle Islands Sea Caves

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Apostle Islands Sea Caves National Park Service "Centuries of wave action, freezing, and thawing have sculpted shorelines throughout Apostle Islands National Lakeshore." Visit the website for READ MORE

About Sea Lion Caves

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About Sea Lion Caves "Sea Lion Caves is nature's home for wild sea lions and a variety of sea birds. Sea Lion Caves is located 11 miles North of Florence on the Oregon Coast." Visit the websit READ MORE

The Virtual Cave: Sea Caves

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The Virtual Cave: Sea Caves By Dave Bunnell "The Sea caves page describes how this type of cave is formed, what lies within, and how large they get." Has several small but good photographs. READ MORE
Sea caves, also known as littoral caves, are formed by the constant action of waves on rocks lining the shores of oceans and large lakes.
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