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Desert Blooms: Spectacular Photos of Organ Pipe Cactuses

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Desert Blooms: Spectacular Photos of Organ Pipe Cactuses, March 4, 2015, by Linda & Dr. Dick Buscher, Live Science Contributors, "The organ pipe cactus is one of the more spectacular species of READ MORE

Desert JPEGs

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Desert JPEGs, Mirage Mall, Use the menu on the left frame of the screen for an animal, bird, insect or plant in the Sahara desert you want to view pictures of. READ MORE

Even in the Desert, Plants Feel the Heat of Global Warming

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Even in the Desert, Plants Feel the Heat of Global Warming, by Lisa Gardiner, Windows to the Universe, "Global warming is a hot topic, and it's causing concern for scientists studying winter annu READ MORE

Sonoran Desert Seek and Find

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Sonoran Desert Seek and Find, Interactive activity. Find out what specie inhabit the desert by day or night. Scroll down and click on either diurnal or nocturnal for photos and pertinent informatio READ MORE

Sonoran Desert Ecosystem

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Sonoran Desert Ecosystem, By JeffCartier, YouTube.com, Video length: 08:48. READ MORE

Live Expedition

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Live Expedition, OneWorldJourneys.com, Join One World Journeys expedition team on a four-wheel drive journey along El Camino Del Diablo through the August searing heat of the Sonoran Desert. Numer READ MORE

Sonoran Desert Wildflowers

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Sonoran Desert Wildflowers, Arizonais.org, Click on a photo for larger version with description. READ MORE

Sonoran Desert Region

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Sonoran Desert Region, Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum, Wonderful resource!! Descriptions and photos of the desert and its subdivisions. Click on any photo to be taken to a page with more photograph READ MORE

Sonoran Desert - Wikipedia

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Sonoran Desert Wikipedia.org The Sonoran Desert (sometimes called the Gila Desert after the Gila River or the Low Desert in opposition to the higher Mojave Desert) is a North American desert wh READ MORE

FAQ's About the Desert, Sonoran Desert

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FAQ's About the Desert, Sonoran Desert Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum Excerpts from the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum Book of Answers Visit the web site for a video and excerpts from the book. READ MORE

The Sonoran Desert, Arizona Upland

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The Sonoran Desert, Arizona Upland, Harcourt School Publishers, Explore the living and nonliving parts of the Sonoran desert. READ MORE
The Sonoran Desert spreads across parts of Arizona and California. The plants and animals that exist there have adapted to hot and dry conditions. Check out the images of some here.
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