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South America Deserts


Filming Life at the 'end of earth'

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Filming Life at the 'end of earth', 9 October 2015, By Evie Wright, BBC Earth, The rockhopper penguins battling to raise their chicks on the rugged Argentinian island of los Estados typifies the READ MORE

Images of the Coastal Desert of Northern Chile

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Images of the Coastal Desert of Northern Chile, Andean Botanical Information System (ABIS), Wonderful photographs of Chile's coastal desert. READ MORE

Salina de Uyuni: Bolivia's Incredible Salt Desert

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Salina de Uyuni: Bolivia's Incredible Salt Desert, By Contributing Writer, Scribol staff, "The vast mirror of the Salina de Uyuni in Bolivia certainly qualifies as one of the weirdest places in t READ MORE

Landforms of South America

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Landforms of South America World Atlas In addition to a printable map, they have brief descriptions of deserts, Andes mountain, grasslands, wetlands, and more. READ MORE

Adaptations to A Desert Biome

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Adaptations to A Desert Biome, Parenting the Next Generation, Ever wondered how deserts plants and animals survive with little water and intense heat? The answers are here! READ MORE

Sechura Desert | Photo

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Sechura Desert | Photo Photographer: Doug Fitzgerald Travelblog.org Visit the web site for the photos. READ MORE

Monte Desert

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Monte Desert From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Monte Desert, is a South American desert, located within the country of Argentina. The desert lies southeast of the Atacama Desert, north of READ MORE
South America has several deserts; the Atacama, located in Chile and Peru, is considered the driest place on Earth. Others include the Patagonian Desert in Argentina and Chile, La Guajira Desert in Columbia, Sechura Desert in Peru, Monte Desert in Argentina and the Peruvian Desert in Peru and Chile.
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