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El Morro: Stunning Photos of New Mexico's Sandstone Bluff

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El Morro: Stunning Photos of New Mexico's Sandstone Bluff, January 17, 2016, By Linda & Dr. Dick Buscher, Live Science Contributors, In the northwestern part of New Mexico, a natural outcropping READ MORE

Study: California solar farms threaten desert species

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Study: California solar farms threaten desert species, October 20, 2015, By Sammy Roth, The Desert Sun, Large-scale solar development threatens natural ecosystems across California's deserts, READ MORE


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Deserts, Student Project, Brookings School District, Student created brochure on deserts; lots of photos and interesting facts. READ MORE

Arizona's Incredible Painted Desert

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Arizona's Incredible Painted Desert, By Contributing Writer, Scribol, "An amazing collection of pictures of the beautiful and bizarre Painted Desert of Arizona." READ MORE

Finding Water in the Desert

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Finding Water in the Desert, Grade 2 animation, McGraw-Hill School, Wonderful, easy-to-understand animation. READ MORE

The Salt Desert Shrub Ecosystem

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The Salt Desert Shrub Ecosystem, Posted by ENOW2008, January 12, 2009, YouTube.com, Video length: 01:30. READ MORE

Desert Habitat of Southern California Nature Bytes Video

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Desert Habitat of Southern California Nature Bytes Video An extensive list of brief videos on plants, birds, animals, and geology of deserts. READ MORE

The Desert Biome(s)

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The Desert Biome(s), Department of Biology and Environmental, Marietta College, A combination of text, maps, and photographs. READ MORE
There are four deserts in the U.S., the Chihuahuan Desert, Mohave Desert, Sonoran Desert and Great Basin Desert. Three out of the four are hot deserts; the Great Basin is considered a cool or cold desert and is the largest desert in the U.S. The Chihuahuan Desert is the largest desert in North America; the temperature is very hot in the summer and cool in the winter. You would see plants like the fishhook cactus, honey mosquiite, or prictkly bear cactus if you were at the Chihuahuan. The Mojave Desert lies between the Sonoran Desert and the Great Basin. The Mohave has many plant specie not found in the other adjoining deserts; the Mohave Yucca, Creosote Bush, Big Sagebrush, and Blackbush are common. The Sonoran Desert is the hottest of the four; moisture from the Pacific coast provides rain for plants and shrubs. Find photos and information of plants and wildlife in the Chihuahuan, Mohave, Sonoran, and Great Basin deserts.
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