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An iconic Chilean desert is bursting with color

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An iconic Chilean desert is bursting with color, October 29, 2015, Fox News Science, A Chilean desert is ablaze in purple, bright pink and white, courtesy of wild flowers that bloomed following d READ MORE

Mano del Desierto: The Giant Hand of the Atacama Desert

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Mano del Desierto: The Giant Hand of the Atacama Desert, August 6th, 2011, by Tom, Urban Ghosts, Photos and general information on the sculpture. READ MORE

Atacama Changing: The Impact We're Having on the World's Driest Desert

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Atacama Changing: The Impact We're Having on the World's Driest Desert, By Contributing Writer, Scribol staff, "The world's driest and oldest desert has been experiencing some potentially devasta READ MORE

Atacama's Inhospitable Valley of the Moon

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Atacama's Inhospitable Valley of the Moon, By Contributing Writer, Scribol Staff, Fascinating photos of the valley of the moon, salt mountain range (in Atacama desert), and more; each photo has a READ MORE

Atacama Desert Photos

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Atacama Desert Photos, The Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, These photos were taken by a robot named Nomad, created by the Robotics Institute and controlled by visitors at the Carn READ MORE

Chile desert's super-dry history - BBC News

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Chile desert's super-dry history - BBC News, By Jonathan Amos, BBC News science reporter, San Francisco. How dry is dry? This article explains how dry the Atacama Desert is. READ MORE

Atacama Desert

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Atacama Desert, New World Encyclopedia, Encyclopedic article describing its geography, biodiversity, human habitation, and more. Click on a photo for a higher resolution. READ MORE

Atacama Desert

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Atacama Desert Wikipedia.org he Atacama Desert is a virtually rainless plateau in South America, covering a 600-mile (1,000 km) strip of land on the Pacific coast of South America, west of the A READ MORE

Kidzworld::Extreme Climates 1 :: Driest Place

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Kidzworld :: Extreme Climates 1 :: Driest Place, Kidzworld.com, Find out how dry the Atacama is and why there are dead Indians turned into mummies buried there. READ MORE

Atacama Desert

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Atacama Desert Destination360.com The Atacama Desert Chile has the title of being the driest desert in the world with parts of the desert having not seen any rainfall since records began. On ave READ MORE

Driest Place .... Atacama Desert, Chile

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Driest Place .... Atacama Desert, Chile, ExtremeScience.com, Even the Driest Place on Earth has Water. Fog, dew and snow are a few ways they obtain it. This page will explain more. READ MORE
The Atacama Desert, located in Chile and Peru, is considered a cold desert and one of the driest places on Earth. Most of the moisture the Atacama receives comes in the form of fog from the Pacific Ocean. Plants have adapted to the lack of rain by developing deep roots that gather moisture further into the ground than normal roots.
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