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Coniferous Forests


Evergreen Coniferous Forest

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Evergreen Coniferous Forest, Uploaded by Luoreia, YouTube.com, Video length: 02:40. READ MORE

Biology: Biomes: The Coniferous Forest

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Biology: Biomes: The Coniferous Forest, By Zane Education, YouTube.com, Video length: 02:01. READ MORE

Pine beetle turning B.C. forest into greenhouse gas gusher: Scientists

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Pine beetle turning B.C. forest into greenhouse gas gusher: Scientists September 2008, By Margaret Munro, Canwest News Service, The Province, Article with one image. READ MORE

Sweden's Green Veneer Hides Unsustainable Logging Practices

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Sweden's Green Veneer Hides Unsustainable Logging Practices, December 1, 2011 Report, By Erik Hoffner, for Environment 360, Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, "Sweden has a reputat READ MORE

Military Bases Provide Unlikely Refuge for South's Longleaf Pine

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Military Bases Provide Unlikely Refuge for South's Longleaf Pine, November 10, 2011, By Bruce Dorminey, Environmental 360, Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies. "The expanses of longl READ MORE

The Dancing Forest of Kaliningrad

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The Dancing Forest of Kaliningrad, Written by tonyleather, Scribol staff, Amazing photos and descriptions. READ MORE

Taiga Weather, Climate and Geology

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Taiga Weather, Climate and Geology, By April Pulley Sayre, Google Books, Information on the abiotic factors of taiga forests. READ MORE

Write a short note on the taiga region of biomes?

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Write a short note on the taiga region of biomes?, TheBigger.com, All text fact-filled article. READ MORE

Terrestrial Biome - Boreal/Taiga

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Terrestrial Biome - Boreal/Taiga, Animal Corner, Article with photo and information on the animals and birds that inhabit the taiga biome. READ MORE


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Taiga, Slater Museum of Natural History, University of Puget Sound, Image of lichens and spruces; click to enlarge. The rest is all text discussing the climate, soil, vegetation, diversity, plant READ MORE

Boreal Forest Library Kids Zone

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Boreal Forest Library Kids Zone, Wilderness Classroom, Articles, each with a small image, describing the animals that live in the Boreal forests, what they look like, what they eat, where they liv READ MORE

Alaska's Boreal Forest

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Alaska's Boreal Forest, Alaska Department of Wildlife, A description of boreal forests, animal adaptations, migration, rivers, and more. Lots of small pictures. READ MORE

Coniferous Biome - YouTube

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Coniferous Biome, By HappyEmo93, YouTube, Video length: 05:33. READ MORE

Taiga (Coniferous Forest)

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Taiga (Coniferous Forest), Learn Geography on the Internet, Good easy-to-understand information; check out the Online Activities. READ MORE

IB Geography - Ecosystems. Biomes - Taiga aka Coniferous forest

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IB Geography - Ecosystems. Biomes - Taiga aka Coniferous forest, By karoliine, Slideshare.net, "A PowerPoint Presentation on the Taiga that includes location, climate, nutrient cycle, vegetation READ MORE

Boreal Forest Food Chain JPG

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Boreal Forest Food Chain JPG, Boreal Forest Organization, Visit the website for the illustration. READ MORE

Coniferous Forest Biome

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Coniferous Forest Biome, Produced by Billy Price, Rapid Run Middle School Project, Photos and names of plants and animals that inhabit the forest. READ MORE


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Biomes, Department of Geosciences, University of Arizona, Great site! Lots of large photos and descriptions of terrestrial biomes. READ MORE

Kids Do Ecology - Taiga Forest

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Kids Do Ecology - Taiga Forest, National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis, University of California, Santa Barbara, Photos and text for younger students. READ MORE

The Taiga Biome

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The Taiga Biome, Windows to the Universe, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR), How do the evergreen trees survive in the harsh weather in the taiga? Find out here. READ MORE

Taiga Climate

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Taiga Climate, Content by West Tisbury Elementary School students, Blueplanetbiomes.org, Created by students for students. READ MORE

Coniferous Forest Plants of the Pacific Northwest

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Coniferous Forest Plants of the Pacific Northwest, Anderleaf Wilderness College, By Filip Tkaczyk, This site provides a list of some of the most common, interesting, and useful plants in the Paci READ MORE

The Taiga or Boreal Forest

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The Taiga or Boreal Forest, Marietta College Department of Biology and Environmental Sciences, Large photos and information on plants and animal that live in the taiga. READ MORE

Temperate coniferous forest

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Temperate coniferous forest, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Combination of text and images; click to enlarge. READ MORE

Nature Works - Taiga

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Taiga, Nature Works, Images and information on animal specie and plant and animal adaptations. READ MORE

What's It Like Where You Live? Taiga

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What's It Like Where You Live? Taiga, Missouri Botanical Garden, For younger students. READ MORE

Taiga - Wilipedia

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Taiga - Wilipedia, Article with images; click to enlarge. READ MORE

Panoramas: Castle Crest, Crater Lake NP, Oregon

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Panoramas: Castle Crest, Crater Lake NP, Oregon, Image Credit: Andrew Rader Studios, Geography4kids.com, 360 degree view of the coniferous forest at Crater lake. READ MORE

Earth Floor: Biomes - Taiga

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Earth Floor: Biomes - Taiga, Wheeling Jesuit University, Description of the taiga; use the menu on the right side to learn about its plants and animals. READ MORE
Coniferous forests are the largest of the terrestrial biomes. Summers are short with mild temperatures; winters are long with cold temperatures. Wildlife in the taiga forests have adapted to the cold temperatures; some hibernate through the winter periods. Plants than can tolerate cold temperatures, such as evergreens, are the prominent specie in coniferous forests.
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