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Chaparral (steppe) Biome

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Chaparral (steppe) Biome, November 18, 2014, By Mary Beth Hasty, Good overall information on the chaparral. Use the arrows to navigate the information. READ MORE


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Chaparral, Student Project, Brookings School District, Nice large photograph of the chapparal; lists the areas where they are located plus the animal specie that inhabit them. READ MORE

Hidden Wonders of Our Threatened Chaparral Forest

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Hidden Wonders of Our Threatened Chaparral Forest, July 6, 2011, by Brian Trautwein and Eddie Harris, Santa Barbara Independent, This article provides some background info on the chaparral fores READ MORE

Write a short note on the chapparal region of biomes?

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Write a short note on the chapparal region of biomes? TheBigger.com Brief, concise article. READ MORE

Chaparral - KDE Santa Barbara

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KDE Santa Barbara - Chaparral, Kids Do Ecology, Photos and information on the location, weather, plants, animals, and the concerns of people that live in or near the chaparral biome. READ MORE

Chaparral Ecosystem

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Chaparral Ecosystem, Posted by errkaahao, September 21, 2009, YouTube.com, Video length: 01:34. READ MORE

9(k). Characteristics of the Earth's Terrestrial Biomes

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9(k). Characteristics of the Earth's Terrestrial Biomes, Fundamentals of Physical Geography e-Book, Excellent resource on the diversity of plant and animal life in deserts, grasslands, forests, th READ MORE

Hiking Through the Chaparral Biome, California

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Hiking Through the Chaparral Biome, California, Uploaded by geographyuberalles, August 21, 2010, YouTube, Video length: 0:58. READ MORE

Welcome to the San Diego Wildfires Education Project - Fire in Chaparral

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Welcome to the San Diego Wildfires Education Project - Fire in Chaparral Before and after photos of chaparral scenery. It also has photos and description of plant regeneration. READ MORE

Biology 100: Concepts of Biology: Introduction to the Chaparral

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Biology 100: Concepts of Biology: Introduction to the Chaparral, Santa Barbara City College, Extensive coverage of chaparrals in California. Many photographs with explanations scattered throughout READ MORE

4-3 Biomes

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4-3 Biomes Google Docs Great web site! A presentation that covers all biomes and includes brief explanation of each with photographs, illustrations, videos, and more. READ MORE

The Chaparral: A Western Story

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The Chaparral: A Western Story, by Kelli Kallenborn, DavesGarden.com, This starts out as a story, but after you get through the first couple of paragraphs, it tells you all about the chaparral ec READ MORE

The Mediterranean Biome

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The Mediterranean Biome, Marietta College, Department of Biology and Environmental Science, Information and pictures on the plants and animals in the Mediterranean biome. Scroll down to see the READ MORE

Drought, Not 'Old Chaparral,' Aiding Wildfires

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Drought, Not 'Old Chaparral,' Aiding Wildfires, By John McKinney, Smart Journalism, Real Solutions, A little history of chaparral wildfires and how opinions of them have changed. READ MORE

Plants and Animals of the Chaparral

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Plants and Animals of the Chaparral, California Chaparral Institute, Links to pictures and information on the essential shrubs, birds, insects, and plants that are in the California chaparral. READ MORE

Wildfire in the Chaparral

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Wildfire in the Chaparral, California Chaparral Institute, Discover how plants in the chaparral respond to fires; there are basically three different ways they do that. READ MORE

K4 Modules: Biomes - Chaparral

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K4 Modules: Biomes - Chaparral, Classroom of the Future, Wheeling Jesuit University, Overview of chaparrals for younger students. READ MORE

Kids Do Ecology - Chaparral Biome

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Kids Do Ecology - Chaparral Biome, National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis, University of California, Santa Barbara, Small photos and descriptions; for younger students. READ MORE


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Chaparral, San Diego Wildfires Education Project, What's it like in California's chaparral? Visit this page for photos and descriptions. READ MORE

California Chaparral

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California Chaparral, Created by Elisabeth Benders-Hyde, Content by West Tisbury Elementary School students, Blueplanetbiomes.org, Created by students for students. READ MORE

Mediterranean Shrublands

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Mediterranean Shrublands, By Susan Woodward, Professor of Geography, Radford University, All-text page. READ MORE

Mediterranean Chaparral

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Mediterranean Chaparral, West Tisbury Elementary School, BluePlanetBiomes.org, Created by students for students. READ MORE

Land Biomes: Chaparrals

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Land Biomes: Chaparrals, By Regina Bailey, ThoughtCo. All-text page. READ MORE
Chaparral biomes are located all over the world. Plants and animals in the chaparral have adapted to its hot and dry conditions. Wildlife are desert and grassland type specie and include coyotes, deer, lizards, toads and prairie dogs. Find pictures and articles on various animals.
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