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Mediterranean Scrub

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Mediterranean Scrub, Plant Life Blog, Read and view photos of vegetation found in the Mediterranean scrub, which includes parts of California. It mostly has fire-adapted shrubs that have undergrou READ MORE

Chaparral Yucca

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Chaparral Yucca Photos by Michael L. Charters Large close-up photos and description of the plant. READ MORE

The Chaparral Sage

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The Chaparral Sage, Blog by Ry Quail, Many, many photos of plant specie found in the chaparral. READ MORE

Chaparral Sage

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Chaparral Sage Desert Tropicals Nice photo and general information on the plant. READ MORE

Fire in the Chaparral

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Fire in the Chaparral, Biological Sciences, Santa Barbara City College, Fires are an important part of the chaparral ecosystem but plants and other perennials have several ways they can survive a READ MORE

Common Plants of the Chaparral

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Common Plants of the Chaparral, Department of Biological Science, Santa Barbara City College, This page has a list of plants found in California's chaparral; click on a name for photographs and d READ MORE

Coyote Brush

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Coyote Brush BayAreaHiker.com Close-up pictures of the coyote brush; click to enlarge. READ MORE

Chaparral Plant Communities

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Chaparral Plant Communities Cal Poly Land California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo Pictures and information on California chaparral. READ MORE

Tiny Things in the Chaparral

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Tiny Things in the Chaparral, The California Chaparral Institute, "Surprisingly, two of the dominant life forms in the chaparral are fungi and lichens." Visit the web site for photos and descripti READ MORE

CalPhotos - Freckled Milkvetch

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CalPhotos - Freckled Milkvetch, CalPhotos is a project of BSCIT, University of California, Berkeley, Photographs submitted by various photographers. READ MORE

CalPhotos - Rubber Rabbitbrush

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CalPhotos - Rubber Rabbitbrush, CalPhotos is a project of BSCIT, University of California, Berkeley, Photographs submitted by various photographers. READ MORE

Lebanon Cedar Tree (Cedrus libani).

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Lebanon Cedar Tree (Cedrus libani), GLOBOsapiens GmbH Germany, Visit the web site for the large photo. READ MORE

Mediterranean Chaparral Plants

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Mediterranean Chaparral Plants, Content by West Tisbury Elementary School students, Blueplanetbiomes.org, Click on a plant name for photo and description. READ MORE

king protea

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king protea USDA ARS Photo Unit USDA Agricultural Research Service, United States Visit the web site for photo. READ MORE

King Protea

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King Protea South-Africa-Tours-and-Travel.com. Visit the web site to see the photo. READ MORE

French Broom

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French Broom Fabaceae (Pea Family), by Michael L. Charters, Two large photographs and description of the plant. READ MORE

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum Digital Library - red fairy duster

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Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum Digital Library - red fairy duster Click on a photo for full description. READ MORE

Fairy Duster Calliandra eriophylla

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Fairy Duster Calliandra eriophylla, DesertUSA.com, Photos and description. READ MORE

Black Sage Photo

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Black Sage Photo, Phillip Colla Natural History Photography, Visit the web site to view photos. READ MORE

CalPhotos - Salvia mellifera Black Sage

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CalPhotos - Salvia mellifera Black Sage, University of California, Berkeley, Photos submitted by various photographers; click to enlarge. READ MORE

PLANTS Profile - chaparral yucca (Hesperoyucca whipplei )

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PLANTS Profile - chaparral yucca (Hesperoyucca whipplei), USDA Plants Database, Please visit the website for photos; click on a thumbnail for a larger version. READ MORE
The Chaparral has mild winters and hot summers; plants have hard leaves that hold moisture and consisting of shrubs, trees and cacti.
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