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America's Largest Ecosystem Restoration Project Is on the Verge of Moving Ahead ...

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America's Largest Ecosystem Restoration Project Is on the Verge of Moving Ahead on Earth Day, By Jane Graham, April 18, 2014, Huffington Post Blog, All-text article. READ MORE

Freeing pet catfish can devastate ecosystems

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Freeing pet catfish can devastate ecosystems August 21, 2013, By Krishna Ramanujan, Cornell Chronicle, Cornell University, Popular aquarium catfish wreak havoc in aquatic ecosystems worldwide READ MORE

Louisiana Sinkhole's Expansion Caught on Video, Dozens of Trees Sucked below the...

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Louisiana Sinkhole's Expansion Caught on Video, Dozens of Trees Sucked below the Surface [VIDEO] August 22, 2013, By James A. Foley, Nature World News, A Louisiana sinkhole discovered last yea READ MORE

Of woods and woodcocks

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Of woods and woodcocks May 5, 2013, By Bill Cook, Michigan State University Extension Woodcocks are a wonderful signal of the arrival of spring in northern Michigan, but habitat loss is threat READ MORE

The Turtle and the Town: Freshwater Species of the Week

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The Turtle and the Town: Freshwater Species of the Week Posted by Brian Clark Howard, National Geographic News in Water Currents on April 26, 2013 Port Deposit, Maryland, is doing conservation di READ MORE

The Sublime Beauty of Patagonia's Perito Moreno Glacier

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The Sublime Beauty of Patagonia's Perito Moreno Glacier, Photos By: Jakub Polomski, Written by: Yohani Kamarudin, Scribol.com, "Not only is Perito Moreno spectacularly beautiful and the third la READ MORE

The Colorado River: Running Near Empty

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The Colorado River: Running Near Empty Environment 360 Video: 12.25 Minutes "Photographer Pete McBride traveled along the Colorado River from its source high in the Rockies to its historic mouth READ MORE

The Environmental Dangers of Giant Algae Slicks

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The Environmental Dangers of Giant Algae Slicks, Written by michelledunphy, Scribol.com, "Oil slicks aren't the only kind of slick out there. Mother nature has created her own in the form of gian READ MORE

How Global Warming Threatens Freshwater Supplies

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How Global Warming Threatens Freshwater Supplies, Written by Russell Vallimont, Scribol.com, "Fresh water is in tenuous supplies in many parts of the world. As we move further into the 21st Centu READ MORE

Stinky Peat! The Lifeblood of the World's Wetlands

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Stinky Peat! The Lifeblood of the World's Wetlands, Written by DARWINSBEAGLE, Scribol.com, "Wetlands are vitally important, but why do they smell so? We'll tell you: humification. And it's all to READ MORE

Fresh Water: The Essence of Life

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Fresh Water: The Essence of Life, Images courtesy of Conservation International, Written by Alka Sharma, Scribol.com, Text and images on the freshwater crisis the world faces. The photos illustr READ MORE

What are the aquatic biomes of ecosystem?

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What are the aquatic biomes of ecosystem? TheBigger.com They are also known as the aquatic ecosystems. It has the unique features which do not resemble the other biomes. They are of different ty READ MORE

Ameoba eating algae

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Ameoba eating algae wolcottsci | June 06, 2008 YouTube.copm Digital microscope video of an ameoba moving through pond water and engulfing algae. READ MORE

What is Missing? part 1

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What is Missing? part 1 By Maya Lin What is Missing? Foundation Great 02:51 minute video on mass extinction due to degradation of habitats. READ MORE

Principles: Biomes - Aquatic Systems

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Principles: Biomes - Aquatic Systems The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. Slide presentation illustrating freshwater and marine ecosystems. READ MORE

The Ecology of Ponds and Lakes, Streams and Rivers

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The Ecology of Ponds and Lakes, Streams and Rivers Field Studies Council - UK The site is aimed primarily at students who attend courses at the FSC field centres, in the British Isles, and it is READ MORE

Ecosystems: A Flow of Energy

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Ecosystems: A Flow of Energy 5min.com Video Professor George Wolfe discusses ecosystems in this video from Thinkwell's online Biology series. READ MORE

Aquatic biomes

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Aquatic biomes 5min.com Videos Professor George Wolfe discusses aquatic biomes in this video from Thinkwell's online Biology series. READ MORE

Springs Exploration: Wakulla Springs Interactive Feature

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Springs Exploration: Wakulla Springs Interactive Feature Located in the Florida panhandle near Tallahassee. Take a tour of Wakulla Spring in this special, in-depth Interactive Spring Feature. Le READ MORE

Biomes of the World :: Aquatic

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Biomes of the World :: Aquatic Kidzworld.com Photos and information on saltwater (oceans, coral reefs, estuaries) and freshwater (ponds, lakes, rivers, stream) habitats and the plants and animal READ MORE

4-3 Biomes

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4-3 Biomes Google Docs Great web site! A presentation that covers all biomes and includes brief explanation of each with photographs, illustrations, videos, and more. READ MORE

Habitats - Photo Gallery: Freshwater

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Habitats - Photo Gallery: Freshwater National Geographic Photos of plants and animals in the freshwater ecosystem. READ MORE

Freshwater 101 - National Geographic

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Freshwater 101 National Geographic Where is the world's water? And how is it used? Find out more about the ways water weaves itself around the world, and how H20 is the lifeblood of human civili READ MORE

The Wild Classroom Videos

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The Wild Classroom Videos Ecogeek Episodes Check out their videos on alpine tundra, grasslands and prairies, streams and rivers, and rainforests. READ MORE


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Freshwater By: Elyse, Andrea, Nick Needham High School Student project on the Florida Everglades; includes pictures. READ MORE

Freshwater Biome

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Freshwater Biome Colorado State University Library Garst Photographic Collection The freshwater biome includes inland bodies of water called ponds, lakes, wetlands, rivers and streams. Each of READ MORE

Fresh Water Biomes

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Fresh Water Biomes By Gaynor Borade Buzzle.com The water resources on Earth sustain the various life forms and cater to the essential requirement of the elixir of life. The fresh water biomes a READ MORE

Earth on Edge: Freshwater Ecosystems

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Earth on Edge: Freshwater Ecosystems Bill Moyers Reports PBS.org Video on freshwater, the most imperiled resource in the world. READ MORE

Aquatic Communities

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Aquatic Communities NatureWorks New Hampshire Public Television Aquatic Communities Did you know that only one percent of the water on earth is freshwater? freshwater is water is not salty a READ MORE

Freshwater Creatures

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Freshwater Creatures Nature.org Life in Planet Earth's Lakes and Rivers Fresh water is essential to life on Earth. All land-dwelling creatures need fresh water to survive. Its presence, or abse READ MORE

Aquatic Biomes

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Aquatic Biomes By David L. Ross The Bird Zoo Saltwater/ Marine Habitats/ Oceanic Coastal Covering 70 percent of the earth's surface, oceans represent the largest of our biomes. These vast sal READ MORE

Exploring The Underwater Ecosystem

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Exploring The Underwater Ecosystem Recycling Facts Guide Discusses both freshwater and marine ecosystems. Please visit the website to learn more. READ MORE

Freshwater Ecosystems

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Freshwater Ecosystems By John W. Kimball Kimball's Biology Pages Freshwater Ecosystems Only 3% of the world's water is fresh. And 99% of this is either frozen in glaciers and pack ice or is bu READ MORE

Biomesfirst - Freshwater

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Biomesfirst - Freshwater by Aliya B. and Bradlee C. Mrs. Singh's First Hour Challenge Science Class Wikispaces.com Over 75% of the Earth is covered in water, but most of this is salt water. I READ MORE

Frogs Video Clip

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Frogs Video Clip Newton's Apple Twin Cities Public Television Visit the web site for the video. READ MORE

PBS - Bill Moyer Reports: Earth on Edge, Freshwater Ecosystems

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Earth on Edge, Freshwater Ecosystems Bill Moyer Reports PBS.org In a developing country . . . when you talk about taking water away, you're talking about having a large impact on economic g READ MORE

Freshwater Ecology

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Freshwater Ecology Yarra Valley Water Ecology is the study of plants, animals and their environments and how all of these affect each other. The sun provides the energy for nearly all life on READ MORE

Wetlands: Marshes, Swamps, and Bogs

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Wetlands: Marshes, Swamps, and Bogs By Mike Riess, Jenny Noble, and Drew Smithyman Sir Francis Drake High School San Anselmo, CA A class water project; read about wetland function and values, pl READ MORE

What is the Freshwater Biome?

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What is the Freshwater Biome? Written by S. Mithra WiseGeek.com The freshwater biome is a low-saline, or sweetwater, aquatic biome that covers one fifth of the earth's surface. Streams, rivers, READ MORE

Freshwater Biomes

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Freshwater Biomes The Wild Classroom Freshwater is defined as having a low salt concentration—usually less than 1%. Plants and animals in freshwater regions are adjusted to the low salt content READ MORE
Freshwater biomes include lakes, rivers, ponds, and streams; they all have low salt concentration. Ponds and lakes can vary in size and have limited plant and animal species. Rivers and streams originate in headwaters; you can see different specie as you move from the headwaters to the mouth of the river with light and oxygen being the determining factors. Wetlands are standing water like marshes and swamps; they have a large variety of plant and specie, including reptiles, amphibians, and birds. Some, like salt marshes, have a higher concentration of salt so they are not considered freshwater biomes.
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