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There's A Wrong Way to Save Wetlands

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There's A Wrong Way to Save Wetlands, September 3, 2015, Posted by Tim Lucas, Original Study by Duke University, Futurity.org, When restoring coastal wetlands, it’s long been common practice READ MORE


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Wetlands, Hinterland Who's Who, Very good resource for information on Canadian wetlands such as what they are, where they're located. Includes videos, photos, and description of different wetlan READ MORE

New Web Tool Helps Avoid Flooding by Finding the Best Spots to Build Wetlands

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New Web Tool Helps Avoid Flooding by Finding the Best Spots to Build Wetlands April 5, 2013, Posted By: Claire Martin, Smithsonian Blog, Article includes photos and a map. READ MORE

Rising Seas Endanger Wetland Wildlife

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Rising Seas Endanger Wetland Wildlife, By Abigail Tucker, Photographs by Lynda Richardson, Smithsonian magazine, July-August 2010, Find out what scientists are doing to protect the Alligator Riv READ MORE

Plants and Animals of the Everglades

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Plants and Animals of the Everglades, Evergladesplan.org, Photos and descriptions of various plants and animals. READ MORE

Earth's Skin Types - Histosols

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Earth's Skin Types - Histosols Smithsonian Institute View photographs and brief information on organic wetland soils. READ MORE

The Coastal Wetlands of Texas

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The Coastal Wetlands of Texas, Uploaded by sharkarr, Apr 28, 2008, YouTube.com, Video length 05:47. READ MORE

What are Wetlands?

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What are Wetlands?, Uploaded by FLIBOOKER, Sep 13, 2009, YouTube.com, Video length: 04:38. READ MORE

Wetlands Biome

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Wetlands Biome, Uploaded by robnelsonfilms, Aug 31, 2009, YouTube.com, Video length: 02:55. READ MORE

Alligator Bayou: A Louisiana Wetland

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Alligator Bayou: A Louisiana Wetland, By Clay Coleman, Wildlife photos; click for larger version. READ MORE

Bayou Farewell

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Bayou Farewell, By Erik Kancler, October 3, 2005, MotherJones.com, Background information and a Q & A with Mike Tidwell, a Washington Post writer, on what he found when he arrived at the Bayou f READ MORE

Louisiana's Vanishing Wetlands of Bayous, Lakes and Swamps

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Louisiana's Vanishing Wetlands of Bayous, Lakes and Swamps, By Coleen Perilloux Landry, Pbase.com, Visit the web site for photos and descriptions of photos taken from lakes and swamps in Louisian READ MORE

Louisiana wetlands (split into two parts) this is Part One

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Louisiana wetlands (split into two parts) this is Part One, Posted by solar783, July 24, 2007, YouTube.com, Video length: 07:06. READ MORE


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Bayou, Wikipedia.org, Article with one photo; click to enlarge. READ MORE

Wetland in the City

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Wetland in the City, By J.R. Blueford, Ph.D., Animations by Doria Raia, Math Science Nucleus, Find out what happened when most species left Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon in Freemont California. Wa READ MORE

Seasonal Wetlands

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Geography4kids - Seasonal Wetlands Seasonal wetlands are flooded in the winter and begin to dry out in the summer. Visit the web site to learn more. READ MORE

Wetlands Biome

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Wetlands Biome by Rob Nelson UntamedScience.com Great site! Has maps, videos, and text explaining wetlands. READ MORE

What Lives in a Puddle?

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What Lives in a Puddle?, Texas Parks and Wildlife, An activity you can do yourself where you use a milk carton as a viewer to see what lives in a puddle. READ MORE

Kids Do Ecology - Freshwater Wetlands

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Kids Do Ecology - Freshwater Wetlands, National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis, University of California, Santa Barbara, For younger students. READ MORE

America's Wetlands

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America's Wetlands, US Environmental Protection Agency, Articles with photos; click for closer look. READ MORE

Inch in a Pinch Habitat Awareness Freshwater Wetlands

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Habitat Awareness Freshwater Wetlands, Inchinapinch.com, Let Inch in a Pinch tell you all about freshwater wetlands. For younger students. READ MORE

WWF - The Wonder of Wetlands

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The Wonder of Wetlands, WWF-World Wide Fund For Nature, Article and photo gallery. READ MORE

What's It Like Where You Live? - Wetlands

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What's It Like Where You Live? - Wetlands, Missouri Botanical Gardens, For younger students. READ MORE
Wetlands are everywhere that water and land meets, except the Antarctica. The term wetland covers marshes, swamps, bogs, floodplains and prairie potholes. They are important because they hold water when water levels from rivers and streams are high and release water when those levels are low. Another important function of wetlands is they provide food for fish by releasing vegetation matter. Find out other important wetland facts.
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