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Arctic Wildlife Portfolio

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Arctic Wildlife Portfolio, Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, Learn about the animals of the Arctic on this kid friendly website! READ MORE

Must Ox

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Must Ox, Greenland.com, From a distance, musk oxen look like large, brown stones. However, there is every reason to take a closer look at Greenland's largest land mammal. READ MORE

Musk Ox Save Calf from Wolves Video

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Musk Ox Save Calf from Wolves, National Geographic, Video length: 02:15 READ MORE

Snowy Owls' NYC Visit Reveals Migration Habits

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Snowy Owls' NYC Visit Reveals Migration Habits, March 11, 2015, By Shannon Hall, Staff Writer, Live Science, "At least seven snowy owls have been spotted in New York City since December, and sci READ MORE

13 animals of the Arctic

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13 animals of the Arctic, Mother Nature Network, Close-up photos with descriptions. READ MORE

Arctic Tundra Wildlife.mov

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Arctic Tundra Wildlife.mov, Uploaded by PolarTREC, YouTube.com, Video length: 05:01. READ MORE

A Troubling Decline in the Caribou Herds of the Arctic

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A Troubling Decline in the Caribou Herds of the Arctic September 23, 2010 Report By Ed Struzik Yale Environment 360, Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies "Across the Far North, popul READ MORE

Reindeer Superpower: Ultraviolet Vision

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The Reindeer Superpower: Ultraviolet Vision, Written by MikeDeHaan, Scribol Staff, "Reindeer, unlike most mammals, can see in ultraviolet. This special ability helps reindeer survive in the arcti READ MORE

Tundra Animals

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Tundra Animals TundraAnimnals.net Photos and information on the diet, habitat, size and description, and reproduction of the polar bear, caribou, arctic fox, arctic hare, snowy owl, musk ox, and READ MORE

Lapland Longspur

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Lapland Longspur All About Birds Cornell Lab of Ornithology Cornell University A common songbird of the Arctic tundra, the Lapland Longspur winters in open fields across much of the United READ MORE

Snowy Owls

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Snowy Owls Athropolis.com These owls are found only in the Arctic - living and breeding on the tundra. Visit the web site for photo and to learn more. READ MORE

Puffins - Feeding and Burrows

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Puffins - Feeding and Burrows Athropolis.com They can swim underwater so well that people used to claim that they were a cross between a bird and a fish. Visit the web site for photo and to l READ MORE

What Are Some Niches of Animals in the Arctic Tundra?

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What Are Some Niches of Animals in the Arctic Tundra?, By Izzy McPhee, eHow Contributing Writer, "The animals of the Arctic live through freezing weather and manage to find shelter, food and safe READ MORE

Arctic Wildlife - Caribou & Reindeer

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Arctic Wildlife - Caribou & Reindeer Arctic Studies Center Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History Reindeer and caribou have unique hairs which trap air providing them with excellent ins READ MORE

Arctic Studies Center - Lemmings

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Arctic Studies Center - Lemmings Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History Lemmings are small mouse-like animals that live in the tundra. In summer they are brown, but in winter they are al READ MORE

Tundra Animal Printouts

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Tundra Animal Printouts Enchanted Learning Here you can learn about animals that live in the arctic and alpine tundra; click on a name to see a printout and learn more about that animal. READ MORE

Planet's Best: Polar Bear Tundra Buggy

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Planet's Best: Polar Bear Tundra Buggy Animal Planet animal.discovery.com In this clip from "Planet's Best North American Wildlife Encounters" on Animal Planet passengers go on a Tundra Buggy READ MORE

Caribou Video Clip

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Caribou Video Clip Newton's Apple Twin Cities Public Television Visit the web site for the video. READ MORE

Earth Floor Biomes: Arctic Tundra: Animals

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Earth Floor Biomes: Arctic Tundra: Animals Center for Educational Technologies NASA Classroom of the Futureā„¢ Wheeling Jesuit University Not many kinds of animals live year-round in the Arctic READ MORE

Common Raven - Natural History Notebooks

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Common Raven - Natural History Notebooks Canadian Museum of Nature Bold, clever, and inquisitive, this large black bird is well distributed in the northern hemisphere. In Canada the Common Raven READ MORE

Arctic Hare

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Arctic Hare Natural History Notebooks Canadian Museum of Nature The Arctic hare inhabits the tundra regions of Canada from Newfoundland and Labrador, west to the Mackenzie delta and north to the READ MORE

Arctic Wolf

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The Arctic Wolf Cosmosmith Creations T-Shirts "Able to tolerate years of sub-zero temperatures, up to five months of darkness a year, and weeks without food, the arctic wolf lives in one of the READ MORE

Snowshoe Rabbit

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Snowshoe Rabbit BluePlanetBiomes.org photograph by Susan Teel Common Names: Varying Hare Genus: Lepus Species: americanus The snow shoe rabbit lives in forest areas where the ground is cover READ MORE

Andean Fox

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Andean Fox By: George Andreou Photo.net Visit the web site for photos. READ MORE

Snow Goose - Wonderclub

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Snow Goose Wonderclub.com Snow Goose With its dazzling white plumage, the snow goose is aptly named and is one of the easiest of all geese to identify. However, there are three types of snow g READ MORE

Arctic Wolf

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Arctic Wolf Wonderclub.com Able to tolerate year of sub-zero temperatures, months of darkness and weeks without food, the arctic wolf lives in one of the few places on earth where it is safe fro READ MORE

Tundra Animals

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Tundra Animals TundraAnimals.net Tundra Animals.net, a website of The Animal Spot, is a reference to some of the animals that can be found in the tundra. Tundra is described as an area where READ MORE

Hoary Redpoll

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Hoary Redpoll Cornell Lab of Ornithology A small pale bird of the high Arctic, the Hoary Redpoll is a rare winter visitor to southern Canada and the northern United States. During redpoll invasi READ MORE

Snow Goose

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Snow Goose Cornell Lab of Ornithology A medium-sized goose that breeds on the arctic tundra, the Snow Goose travels south in very large, high-flying, noisy flocks. The swirling white of a desce READ MORE

Arctic Species

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The Arctic Species World Wildlife Organization "Many species have adapted successfully to the arctic seas and ice edge. This environment provides a rich habitat for the polar bear, arctic fox, ar READ MORE

Arctic Wildlife - Smithsonian Arctic Studies Center

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Arctic Wildlife - Smithsonian Arctic Studies Center Visit the website, then click on a tab to open the portfolio and learn about the animals of the Arctic! Biologist Doug Siegel-Causey shares his k READ MORE
Find information and photographs of wildlife that live in the Arctic tundra.
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