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Can we save the snow leopard from climate change?

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Can we save the snow leopard from climate change?, October 25, 2015, By Story Hinckley, Staff, The Christian Monitor, Climate change is causing local human populations to encroach on snow leopar READ MORE

Facts About Goats

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Facts About Goats, October 21, 2015, by Alina Bradford, Live Science Contributor, Everything you wanted or needed to know about goats. READ MORE

5 Interesting Facts About the Grey Wolf

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5 Interesting Facts About the Grey Wolf, By Alka Sharma, Scribol Staff, Born deaf and blind, Grey Wolves are some of nature's most enchanting wild animals. Read some interesting facts about them READ MORE

The Alarming Impact of Climate Change on Switzerland's Matterhorn

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The Alarming Impact of Climate Change on Switzerland's Matterhorn, Photos by various photographers, Written by: Chris Barker, Scribol Staff, "The Matterhorn, one of the most iconic of the Alpine READ MORE

White-tailed Ptarmigan

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White-tailed Ptarmigan Cornell Lab of Ornithology Cornell University The smallest grouse in North America, the White-tailed Ptarmigan inhabits alpine regions from Alaska to New Mexico. It has n READ MORE

White-Tailed Ptarmigan

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White-Tailed Ptarmigan Canada Photo Series Nice close-up photo with description. READ MORE

Alpine Tundra: Uinta Mountains

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Alpine Tundra: Uinta Mountains Posted by Ryan O'Donnel 200birds blogspot Great photos and interesting text on the writer's goal to see a White-tailed Ptarmigan in Utah's Uinta Mountains. READ MORE

Tundra Swan

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Tundra Swan Photo by William L. Newton / CLO All About Birds Cornell Lab of Ornithology Cornell University Habitat Breeds on tundra lakes, ponds, and pools along coast. Winters in shallo READ MORE

Tundra Biome Wildlife

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Tundra Biome Wildlife Garst Photographic Collection Colorado State University Libraries Several paragraphs explaining the tundra biome; click on the title to see wonderful tundra wildlife photo READ MORE

Grizzly Encounters: Wolves vs. Grizzly Video

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Grizzly Encounters: Wolves vs. Grizzly Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom Animal Planet "Wolves run down a caribou, then defend a moose carcass from a young but determined grizzly. Can a single bea READ MORE

Moose - Alces alces

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Moose - Alces alces NatureWorks Image Credits: Clipart.com unless otherwise noted New Hampshire Public Television Characteristics The moose is the largest member of the deer family and the READ MORE

Elk or Wapiti

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Elk or Wapiti KidsBiology.com About Elk or Wapiti The elk is one of the most widespread deer in the world. It lives in forests, woodlands, and open hillsides, where it eats leaves, buds, and bark READ MORE

Alpine Ibex

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Alpine Ibex, KidsBiology.com "This wild goat lives high in the European Alps. It mainly eats grass. Both male and female have large, backswept horns. The horns on the males can reach up to 4.5 ft. READ MORE

Dall Sheep Photos, stock photography and fine art pictures

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Dall Sheep Photos, stock photography and fine art pictures Alaska Photo Graphics Dall sheep inhabit interior Alaska's mountain landscape, and in general, tend to be tolerant of human presence. Alt READ MORE

Dall Sheep

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Dall Sheep, Alaska Department of Fish & Game, View a short photo gallery and learn about the Dall Sheep's life history, range & habitat, threats and more. READ MORE

American Pika - Ochotona princeps - Nature Works

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American Pika - Ochotona princeps - Nature Works New Hampshire Public Television Image Credits: Clipart.com unless otherwise noted Characteristics The American pika has a small, round body, p READ MORE

Alpine Animals - Blue Planet Biomes

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Alpine Animals Brynn Schaffner and Kenneth Robinson Blue Planet Biomes * Alpaca * Andean Condor * Chinchilla * Llama * Mountain Goat * Snow Leopard * Vicu'a READ MORE
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