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Researchers study elevated CO2 and climate warming in mixed grasslands

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Researchers study elevated CO2 and climate warming in mixed grasslands, October 14, 2014, Phys.org, Twenty-five small plots in a mixed-grass prairie northwest of Cheyenne may very well provide READ MORE

Team finds weather extremes harmful to grasslands

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Team finds weather extremes harmful to grasslands, September 28, 2015, Phys.org, Arizona State University investigators conducted a six-year experiment on the effects of climatic variability on READ MORE

Grassland Biome Facts

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Grassland Biome Facts, SoftSchools.com Grassland facts you probably hadn't thought of before. READ MORE

What Are the Two Layers of the Grassland Ecosystem?

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What Are the Two Layers of the Grassland Ecosystem? By Cathel Hutchison, eHow Contributor Read about grassland characteristics, topsoil, humus, and comparison of humus content in the grasslands READ MORE

The Difference Between a Grassland and Savanna

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The Difference Between a Grassland and Savanna By Ann Mazzaferro, eHow Contributor Explains the location, soil, weather, and vegetation of temperate grasslands and savannas and how they are di READ MORE

The grass is always greener

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The grass is always greener August 19, 2011 Source: Harper Adams University College Physorg.com (PhysOrg.com) -- Recent study of grasslands shows that species variety more important to ecosystem READ MORE

Characteristics of Grassland Biomes

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Characteristics of Grassland Biomes By Elizabeth Stover, eHow Contributor Information on the geography, tropical grasslands and its contributing factors, temperate grasslands and its types. READ MORE

Interesting Facts About Grassland Biomes

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Interesting Facts About Grassland Biomes By Tim Altork, eHow Contributor, "Two major types of grasslands exist in the world: tropical and temperate. The temperate grasslands are the more arid of t READ MORE

Difference Between Abiotic and Biotic

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Difference Between Abiotic and Biotic DifferenceBetween.net Excellent article, with illustration. READ MORE

Grassland Ecosystems

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Grassland Ecosystems, Grasslands Conservation Council British Columbia, The BC Grassland Conservation Council’s goal is to support behaviour that creates and maintains healthy grasslands. READ MORE

Grassland Biome at Animal Corner

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Grassland Biome at Animal Corner Descriptions and photos of prairies, savanna, and steppe biomes; scroll down for links to animals that inhabit those areas to read a description and their habitat READ MORE

9(k). Characteristics of the Earth's Terrestrial Biomes

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9(k). Characteristics of the Earth's Terrestrial Biomes Fundamentals of Physical Geography e-Book Excellent resource on the diversity of plant and animal life in deserts, grasslands, forests, th READ MORE

Explain the organization of the ecosystem?

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Explain the organization of the ecosystem?, TheBigger.com, All-text article. READ MORE


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Grasslands Windows to the Universe Grasslands develop where there isn't enough rain for forests but too much rain for deserts. Visit the web site for photo and to learn more. READ MORE

Fire ecology

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Fire ecology Wikipedia.org Fire ecology is concerned with the processes linking the natural incidence of fire in an ecosystem and the ecological effects of this fire. Many ecosystems, such as th READ MORE

Prescribed Burning Techniques for Prairie Management

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Prescribed Burning Techniques for Prairie Management, Jun 2, 2010 Chris Dinesen Rogers, Suite101.com, "Prescribed burning uses the natural forces that created prairies to help maintain their inte READ MORE

The Grassland Biome(s)

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The Grassland Biome(s) Marietta College Department of Biology and Environmental Science Fabulous page that illustrates the diversity of plant and animal life in grasslands. There are photos ga READ MORE

What is Missing? part 2

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What is Missing? part 2 By Maya Lin What is Missing? Foundation A 3:44 minute video on mass extinction in different habitats. Very good! READ MORE

4-3 Biomes

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4-3 Biomes Google Docs Great web site! A presentation that covers all biomes and includes brief explanation of each with photographs, illustrations, videos, and more. READ MORE

Types of Land

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Types of Land HMH School Publishers Grade 1 interactive to learn about mountains, deserts, plains, and islands. READ MORE

Biomes of the World - Grasslands

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Biomes of the World - Grasslands Kidzworld.com What Makes the Grassland Biome Unique? Visit the web site to find out. READ MORE

Grassland Animals

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Grassland Animals Enchanted Learning Good easy-to-understand information on grasslands and grassland animals. READ MORE

Grassland Biome Wildlife

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Grassland Biome Wildlife Garst Photographic Collection Colorado State University Libraries Two paragraph describing grasslands; click on title for photographs. READ MORE

World Biome #8 Grasslands

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World Biome #8 Grasslands ScienceCastle.com Grasslands go by many names. In the U.S. Midwest, they're known as prairies. In South America, they're called pampas. Central Eurasian grasslands are READ MORE

Grassland Biome

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Grassland Biome Geography for Kids Kidsgeo.com Visit the web page for a description and photo of the grassland biome. READ MORE

Grassland Animals

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Grassland Animals Nature.org Grasslands are known by many names, prairies, pampas, savannas and heaths. Each grassland habitat has its own set of animal residents that make the most of the low c READ MORE

World Biomes - Grasslands

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World Biomes - Grasslands Worldbiomes.com Grassland biomes are unaltered areas of land where grass is the dominant plant life, as opposed to other terrestrial biomes where trees occupy most of t READ MORE

The grassland biome

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The grassland biome Museum of Paleontology University of California The grassland biome Grasslands are characterized as lands dominated by grasses rather than large shrubs or trees. In the Mio READ MORE

Biomesfirst - Grasslands

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Biomesfirst - Grasslands By Kimberly P, Emily G, and Alex V. Wikispaces.com Climate and Location Grasslands occur naturally on all continents except for Antarctica. In North America, the grassla READ MORE

Grassland: Mission: Biomes

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Grassland: Mission: Biomes Earth Observatory NASA.gov Description Grasslands are generally open and continuous, fairly flat areas of grass. They are often located between temperate forests at READ MORE

Grasslands Biome

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Grasslands Biome Kidcyber.com.au Grasslands are big open areas that get between 25 and 75 cm of rain per year. This is less rain than a forest gets and more than a desert gets. Grasslands are f READ MORE

Terrestrial Biome - Encyclopedia of Earth

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Terrestrial Biome - Encyclopedia of Earth Lead Author: Michael Pidwirny (other articles) Article Topics: Geography, Environmental monitoring and Ecology This article has been reviewed and approve READ MORE

Biomes Movie - The KidsKnowIt Network

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Biomes Movie An interactive learning movie by the KidsKnowIt Network. READ MORE

Grasslands - InfoBook Index

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Grasslands - InfoBook Index SeaWorld.org What are glasslands like? Get information on numerous topics here. Please visit the website for more information. READ MORE

Panoramas: Burroughs Mountain, Mt. Rainier NP, Washington

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Panoramas: Burroughs Mountain, Mt. Rainier NP, Washington Image Credit: Andrew Rader Studios Geography4kids.com One of the many volcanic mountains of the Pacific Northwest, Mt. Rainier was estab READ MORE
Grasslands are usually referred to as either tropical or temperate. Tropical grasslands can be found in Africa, Australia, South America, and India where grass is the dominate vegetation, with trees scattered throughout. Temperate grasslands also have grass as the dominate vegetation but there are no trees or shrubs.
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