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How Moss Bacteria on Old Trees Helps Forest Growth

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How Moss Bacteria on Old Trees Helps Forest Growth, Written by Alka Sharma, Scribol staff, "Interesting research suggests that the long-term productivity of old trees is greatly influenced by the READ MORE

Vanishing forest elephants are the Congo's greatest cultivators

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Vanishing forest elephants are the Congo's greatest cultivators, Jeremy Hance, mongabay.com, April 09, 2009, Article is a combination of text and photos. READ MORE

Flowering Plants in the Northern Deciduous Forest

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Flowering Plants in the Northern Deciduous Forest, Andy's Northern Ontario Wildflowers, by Andy Fyon, A description of the habitat and list of plants found in the forest; includes many nice photo READ MORE

Deciduous Forest Vegetation

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Deciduous Forest Vegetation, Thurston High School Students, Photos and description of deciduous forest plants. READ MORE

Deciduous Forest: Plants

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Deciduous Forest: Plants, Classroom of the Future, Wheeling Jesuit University, Text and photo on plants in the deciduous forest and how they adapt. READ MORE
In addition to evergreens, temperate forests have oak, hickory, maple or other specie that shed their leaves in the fall. Deciduous forests have a longer growing period than its neighbor, the taiga; it also receives more moisture.
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